5 Snook Fishing Blogs That Will Make You A Better Snook Angler

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It’s Snook Fishing Time!

With the start of snook season just around the corner, I wanted to share five of the best snook fishing “How To” blogs that we could find on the web.

Below you will see snook fishing shortcuts, popular snook lures, and even a snook quiz that has challenged (and even stumped in many cases) thousands of inshore anglers.

Let us know which of these five snook blogs is your favorite by leaving a note in the comments.


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#5 – How To Catch Snook On A DOA Cal Shad (VIDEO)

how to rig a DOA CAL shad for snook

One of Luke Simonds’ favorite artificial lures is a paddle tail shad.

And this shad made by DOA has been a very reliable bait for years.

Check out Luke rigging the DOA Cal Shad (and even catching a snook on his first cast!)

Click here to see it now.

#4 – How Well Do You Really Know Snook? Take This Snook Quiz And Find Out

snook fishing quiz

Although this snook quiz wasn’t an actual “How To,” it certainly added value and education with ten hard-hitting questions on snook.

And with some of the newfound snook fishing knowledge (that can be used to catch more snook) in the quiz, it’s no wonder this snook quiz has been taken almost 5,000 times as of this writing.

Click here to take this popular snook quiz and find out how you score against other anglers.

#3 – Are You Making These Mistakes When Releasing Snook

how to properly release snook

In the state of Florida, one of the most released saltwater game fish is the snook.

Sadly, many of them die (an estimated 27,000 snook die each year) due to mishandling during a release.

So this snook blog post was put together to draw awareness to three of the top mistakes anglers make while releasing snook.

Click here to see all three mistakes.

#2 – 5 Shortcuts To Catching Snook In Florida Like A Pro

best snook fishing blogs

Snook are one of the most popular saltwater game fish in all of Florida.

They are fun to catch, they are plentiful, they will hit a ton of different baits, and they can get HUGE!

Check out these five shortcuts to catching more snook this year and find out why this snook blog was shared so many times.

Click here to see the full blog post

#1 – How To Catch Snook, Redfish, & Gator Trout Without Wasting Time With Live Bait [FREE PDF]

luke simonds snook

This is the inshore fishing post that has been seen (and downloaded) by over 10,000 anglers (and counting).

This blog post is definitely not a short one (there is an option to download the PDF version for free so you can read it and go back to it whenever you like), but it certainly is the most popular by far.

Find out some of Luke’s best secrets for catching snook, redfish, and trout without ever using live bait.

Click here to see this snook fishing blog post now.

Bonus Snook Blog: “How To Grill Snook To Perfection”

how to grill snook to perfection

What good is a snook catching blog if there isn’t any information on how to grill and prepare it in case you keep one.

Although we highly recommend releasing snook so this amazing fish is around for many years, there is nothing wrong with keeping one here and there to feed the family.

This blog post is an incredibly easy yet tasty way to prepare snook that your entire family will love.

Click here to see the how to grill snook video.


The snook is one of the most popular saltwater game fish in all of Florida…

And I hope these five snook fishing tips were able to help you out.

Which snook blog was your favorite?

Did we miss any popular or amazing snook fishing blogs?

Let us know in the comments.

Are you tired of hitting the same old inshore fishing spots?

Then you’ve got to see this FREE webinar!

How To Find The BEST Inshore Fishing Spots Using Online Maps In 30 Minutes Or Less! (watch it here now)

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