MONSTER AMBERJACK (& Grouper) On Hubbard’s Marina Party Boat

By: Joseph Simonds on April 30, 2019
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monster offshore amberjack fishing


It’s not often that you see a fish this strong…

We went offshore fishing with Capt. Dylan Hubbard and his crew recently and got into some huge fish.

Check out the video below to watch some monster amberjack and grouper fishing.


Monster AJ & Grouper [VIDEO]

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Pretty awesome, huh!

Definitely the biggest amberjack I’ve ever seen up close.

If you haven’t met Capt. Dylan Hubbard before, he is a BEAST of a manly man (and that AJ still looks big next to him).

Can’t wait for you to see the full Red Snapper Mastery course (and all of the great by-catch we had).


big gag grouper

Think you could handle an amberjack or grouper like that?

What’s your biggest fish?

Let us know down in the comments below!

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