Captain Ryan Lambert (Cajun Fishing Adventures) Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 10, 2015
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What a fun interview with Captain Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures!

He had us laughing, smiling, and almost at tears after he told one of his stories (you will have to stay tuned to hear what one of his clients did while fishing with Capt Ryan).

And make sure to check out their amazing lodges and the lists of fishing and outdoor adventures that Cajun Fishing Adventures can offer here:

Finally, a big thanks to Captain Ryan Lambert for all that you do for the fishing community.

From all of the people you have taught, to the people that you provide jobs for, to the Veterans and Wounded Warriors you create amazing experiences for.

You are the man!

Note: This Google Hangout interview was recorded live our first day on the island…and we had a few issues with the Wifi…

But don’t worry, the Wifi issues are fixed now.

So at worst case just treat the part when Luke and I are talking like it is a podcast…at least Captain Ryan came in clear.

Contact Ryan Lambert and Cajun Fishing Adventures

Go check out their main site here:

Make sure to like them on Facebook:

And check out (and Subscribe) their great videos on YouTube:

Captain Ryan Lambert = Salt Strong

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