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By: Joseph Simonds on March 11, 2015
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What a FUN interview with Darcizzle Offshore!

Even though she made us realize how “white and pale” we are (as Darcizzle has an amazing Florida tan), this was such a fun interview for us.

From hearing her great story of fishing with her dad at a young age, to her goals of empowering women with the confidence and know-how to catch loads of fish, to her elusive wahoo story, Darcizzle rocks!

Make sure to stick around for the entire interview as Darcizzle will keep you smiling from start to finish.

And a big thanks to Darcie for opening our eyes to Google Hangouts on an Ipad. That created some new ideas for us for sure!

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Make sure to check out and SUBSCRIBE to Darcizzle on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarcizzleOffshore

And check out her new Darcizzle Offshore website here for her new calendars and Darcizzle apparel: http://www.darcizzleoffshore.com/ 

And Follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/_Darcizzle_

Finally, Follow her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/darcizzleoffshore


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