The #1 Rule On Drinking While Fishing…

By: Joseph Simonds on December 24, 2014
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Drinking while fishing (aka having a beer, “cold one”, a “frosty”, or a stiff drink) has been around as long as fishing has.

In fact, even back in the Biblical days of fishing they brought along flasks of wine to kill time while the fishing was slow, and to celebrate after a successful fishing trip.

But it has come to our attention that many anglers aren’t familiar with the cardinal rule of drinking while fishing on any fishing vessel…

So what is the #1 rule about drinking while fishing?

Its pretty simple: You can’t drink any type of alcoholic drink until you have caught a fish

(the fish must be caught on a line. a cast net does not count)

Now I realize that this might bother some anglers, as some fishing trips end up being a bust. Meaning, you don’t ever catch any fish. Especially if you are out trolling for only trophy fish.

So is there a solution to this?


In fact, there is a “fishing loophole” that is utilized by some of the “thirstiest pirates” on the water. The Salt Strong bros rarely participate in this “fishing loophole” as we have become quite proficient in catching fish, but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention it.

Here it is.

Since the fishing/drinking rule only requires the catching of any fish, there is nothing stating you can’t throw out a spoon or jig for a ladyfish, trout, mackerel, or jack while catching bait fish, trolling, or out searching for fish.

So if you are incredibly “thirsty” and have the king’s thirst for the frosty brew, start looking for birds or bait pods to cast into if you are offshore, and look for nice grass flats that might be loaded with trout/ladyfish.

Note: It pains me to even write about catching ladyfish.

The 3 “Drinking While Fishing” Rules on the Salt Strong boats:

  1. You can’t have a beverage until you have caught a fish
  2. All fish caught on a line count except catfish
  3. It is highly recommended that you crack open (or pour) the beverage right in front of your fishing buddy if they have not caught a fish yet. It is also highly recommended that you continuously comment on how great and refreshing the beverage is while your fishing buddy struggles to catch a fish.

drinking while fishing


In my opinion, beer goes down better on a boat compared to any place on land.

I’m not sure why exactly, but my guess is that a handful of professors at Wharton are working around the clock trying to figure out the beer/boat drinking phenomenon.

And by using the “must catch a fish” drinking while fishing rule, you not only keep things fun and competitive, it also encourages responsible drinking (most of the time), which we highly support (especially for the captain of the boat).

Be safe, have fun, catch tons of fish, and celebrate with a cold drink.


P.S. – If all else fails and 5pm comes around with no fish caught, you are always safe to crack open a cold one. When it doubt, just ask yourself, “What would Jimmy Buffet do?”

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Nic Turner
5 years ago

Bush Lite only tastes good on a boat in South Florida. I think because of its great hydration properties

5 years ago

Given that I am the most prolific frosty consumer while “FISHING” I am shocked that I was not consulted for expert content