Easiest Way to Find Grouper & Snapper Offshore

Do you struggle with finding productive fishing spots offshore?

Do you want to catch big red snapper, gag grouper, scamp grouper and more – but you want to avoid driving your boat around aimlessly, burning fuel?

The Smart Fishing Spots App Helps You Find Productive Offshore Fishing Spots

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Sure, you can go on Youtube right now and see how to read your bottom sounder, how to see relief ledges, how to tell the difference between live bottom, sand and more.

All of that stuff is good to know.

But where do you start with a pre-trip plan? How do you know if you’re going to a productive spot in the first place?

It’s a big ocean – you can get lost pretty quick. It’s just a giant blue desert out there.

Not fishing the right spot means wasting a lot of time, and wasting a lot of money on gas.

So what I’m going to show you here today is a software developed at Salt Strong that’s helping me find NEW bottom-fishing spots.

This new app makes finding hidden honey holes for big snapper and grouper EASY!

Satellite View – this works well to find spots for inshore fishing. But for offshore fishing, it can be deceiving. What looks like a good spot could actually be 1000 feet or deeper!

Marine Charts – to effective bottom fish for grouper or snapper, ideally I would be in that 90-300 foot range.

Routes & Tracks – use this to easily determine how far away a spot is from shore in nautical miles, as well as the exact latitude and longitude.

Shaded Relief (3D) – This is game-changing technology actually lets you SEE underwater structure: ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, reefs and more! This is where you’re most likely going to find gag grouper, scamp grouper and red snapper. Other apps and chart plotters might have some structure listed, like publicly recorded shipwrecks or “fish obstructions”, but none of them offer the level of detail of this Shaded Relief feature! Even worse, as a result, those spots will be over-fished by other anglers.

The best part about the Smart Fishing Spots app? It’s FREE for Insider members to use!

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Tom Robinson
1 year ago

how does the relief shading feature compare to Navionics and Strike lines product for offshore Tampa Bay area?

Ramon Ayala
1 year ago

How do you know if the tiles have been loaded for certain areas I’m not seeing any detail out of Crystal River?

Gary Gibbons
1 year ago

How can I get the App on my phone?

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Thats great Justin. Will take your advice an spend some time with the charts now that you make it look so easy. Tight Lines

J M Giesen
1 year ago

Hey Justin, the app is super great. But how about those fish at the beginning. Aren’t those slow pitch jig lures. When are you guys – Joe, Luke, Justin, … going to do a mini- or full course on slow pitch jigging?

Neal Hagood
1 year ago

Nice real world use/review on the SmartFishing app!
But, DUDE! That Big A** Grin of yours with that Awesome Gag Grouper was priceless! Congrats!

Thomas Page
1 year ago

Sounds great, but where exactly do I find the app?

Jon Fortune
1 year ago

Great stuff Justin. To get to 60-100 feet on the gulf, as you know is 60 miles out! With gas prices those inshore spots look better and better every day!

Dennis Brackins
1 year ago

Awesome job explaining it. Glad to see some offshore coverage. Hope too see coverage in this detail off the coast of SC soon.

Ron Horton
1 year ago

What am I missing here? This app is not that great. Maybe good inshore, but not so much offshore. There are very limited Hi Res areas in the Keys and specifically off Islamorda. Navionics has far better overlays for Relief Shading and Sonar Imagery. Also, how do you type in coordinates? I have areas that I want to look at. Maybe I am doing it wrong but at this moment, not impressed…

Last edited 1 year ago by Ron Horton
Ron Horton
1 year ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Justin, thank you. I appreciate the response and info. I thought the program was full up and ready. I now understand it is still work progress. No issues with that. Also, thanks for checking on coordinates typing. That will be very helpful. Again, thanks for taking the time.

Chase Strickland
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Horton

I can attest to new tiles being loaded frequently. I check the Ft. Pierce area frequently and there’s been new layers added each week (can zoom in more with the shaded relief). Be patient!

Ron Horton
1 year ago

Thanks, Chase. Will do… I look forward to seeing some added down in the S. Florida and the Keys… Cheers.


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