Flambeau “Saltwater Tackle System” Tackle Box Independent Review

By: Joseph Simonds on February 23, 2015
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This is the Independent Review of the Flambeau Saltwater Tackle Box (the Soft Saltwater Tackle System)

Overall, this saltwater tackle box from Flambeau is pretty good.

Below, we will go over the brief pros and cons so you can make a decision for yourself.

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Pros of the Flambeau Saltwater Tackle Box

  • Strong zipper for the main tackle box area
  • This tackle box has zipper protector to help zipper last longer in salt water
  • Waterproof area on top (inside the tackle box main area) to hold money, wallet, etc
  • Comes with Six plastic lure compartments which will hold a ton of baits/hooks/weights
  • Shoulder strap is nice
  • Front compartment and side compartments have great room
  • The white color stands out and is tough to find
  • Hard bottom to keep things dry
  • Soft outside making it easy to fit in spaces, car, truck, boat, etc
  • It is pretty lightweight even with tackle inside
  • Priced right at $63.79 for this Large Version (here at Amazon) – Note that there are 3 versions of this tackle box: medium, large, and X-large size versions (from $34.99 to $99.99)

Cons of the Flambeau Saltwater Tackle Box

We hope that his Flambeau saltwater tackle box reviews helps, and don’t hesitate to shoot us any questions about this tackle box in the comment section. We read and respond to everything.

To check out this Flambeau tackle box, check it out on Amazon here.

Note: We have no affiliation or connection with Flambeau or its affiliates. And were were not paid in any form of fashion from Flambeau to do this Independent Flambeau saltwater tackle box review.

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5 years ago

Great information. I am in the market for a tackle box and probably wont be purchasing this one. Isnt Flambeau a fancy desert?

Luke Simonds
5 years ago
Reply to  bill

Hey Bill, thanks for leaving a comment. We’re glad to see that you enjoyed the video. Since you’re in the market for a tackle box, here’s another one you may want to consider… http://v2.saltstrong.com/articles/plano-3600-softsider-x-tackle-box-review/.