Episode 5: “How To Quit Your Job To Fish Full Time (Without Ever Doing A Single Charter)”

By: Joseph Simonds on January 26, 2016
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This podcast interview with the incredibly popular bass angler named “Flukemaster” was a real eye-opener.

And before you say to yourself, well he’s a bass guy, this doesn’t apply to me as a saltwater angler, you might want to listen in and think again…

The tips he shared on how to create a profitable fishing brand/company (without doing a single charter or tournament) were almost mind-blowing in terms of how simple it was. What he shares in this interview is something that anyone who is serious about making a living fishing should be doing…

But even if you have no intention of ever fishing for a living, this interview is so inspiring and entertaining that all listeners will come away smiling…

The Flukemaster (aka Gene Genson) has no fancy cameras (he used a GoPro 3), he has no website (he is all video and imaged based on YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, etc), and he doesn’t have a fancy boat with a 300 HP engine on it (he used a solid Alumicraft bass boat and a kayak).

It’s a pretty amazing story!

But first, let’s discuss the 3 ways of making money as a professional angler:

  1. Fishing Tournaments
  2. Sponsors
  3. Charters

The wild part is that Flukemaster is now making enough money to quit his job by only utilizing #2 above (Sponsors)! He hasn’t done a single charter, and he hasn’t fished a tournament in a really long time.

Find out how he did it (and how you can too) by clicking either of the two boxes below to listen to the podcast on your preferred platform.

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Fish On!

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Here are some other highlights of the Flukemaster Podcast:

  • How the name “Flukemaster” came about
  • How long it took him doing videos before he felt comfortable quitting his full-time job (supported a wife and 4 kids)
  • Why the Army had to make a special helmet for the Fluke
  • How he landed his very first sponsor
  • His best advice to avid anglers that want to go Pro

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fish strong podcast with lunkerdog

stitcher fish strong podcast

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