This One Casting Tip Can Significantly Increase Your Casting Distance & Accuracy [VIDEO]


Casting isn’t just casting…

When it comes to casting a spinning reel, there are tons of different casting techniques that have many different pros and cons.

And for those who want to catch a lot of fish with artificial lures, the type of casting motion you use can make a huge difference.

To maximize results with your cast (in terms of distance and accuracy), your goal should be to find a casting motion that gets the most output with the least input.

Just like a golfer wants to maximize his or her swing with the best mechanics possible, you should have the same goal as an angler.

So we need to make sure that we’re utilizing the leverage points and taking advantage of the power capabilities in the rod.

And this post will focus on increasing your casting distance while decreasing the casting motion when using spinning gear.

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What Is The Best Casting Technique?

Casting_Tips (1)

The most effective technique that I’ve found when using spinning gear is something I learned from fly fishing.

In case you’re not familiar with fly fishing, the technique that the distance casters use is called the “double haul”…

Which means that the casting motion starts with the backswing which loads the rod with kinetic energy, that then gets transferred to the forward cast by the elasticity of the rod.

To see an example, check out this sightfishing from a 3rd-floor balcony video.

In summary, it’s best to load the rod with energy in the backward motion before the making the forward portion of the cast.

This video below shows this loading technique applied with spinning gear.

Check out the SLO-MO footage as well!

Spinning Reel Casting Tip [Video]

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For anglers who use artificial lures, it is extremely important to get the most distance and accuracy while using minimal effort in every cast.

And this double haul technique pulled from fly fishing can help save a ton of energy when spin fishing while also allowing for increased distance and accuracy.

For example, check out this sight fishing cast from a 3rd-floor balcony.

Don’t be the angler on the boat, pier, or kayak that is the shortest caster… it just might cost you that fish a little bit farther out…

Give it a shot and let us know how you like it.

Fish On!

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Joshua Bonds
5 years ago

Josh Bonds How long should you pause the rod? If your using a 7 foot heavy with a fast action for tarpon. I use that rod in islamorada at channel 2 and channel 5. I Throw hoggy swim baits, red eye DOA’s, big chug a bugs and mirror lure series 3 s25 suspending jerk baits. You need a super powerful rod to get those tarpon out from under the bridges.

Joshua Bonds
5 years ago

Luck how long should you pause a 7 foot extra heavy fast action crowder rod. I use it in islamorada at channel two and channel five. I throw hoggy swim baits, Red eye DOA’s, big chug a bugs and mirror lure series three s25 suspending jerk baits.

Bill Dundes
5 years ago

how about when fishing with ””’ LIVE BAIT ”””’ ,

Ralph Nicosia-Rusin
5 years ago

I need to try this as I have yet to find a consistent and accurate technique. Thanks for breaking it down so well and sharing your insights. Will definitely practice this for casting lures.
Question- When trying to throw large chunks with heavy weights when surfcasting for stripers in New England I had a hard time controlling braided line during the cast. I couldn’t keep enough pressure on it to keep the line from slipping out. I started the cast with the bait and sand on the beach behind and to the left to load the rod for a right hand cast. But the braided line kept slipping out during the cast. I even used two fingers but have since switched to mono line to have a thicker diameter. Any suggestions on how to keep braided line from slipping when casting 4-8 ounces of bait and sinker? I would like to regain the other advantages of using braided line.

Jim Yagelski
5 years ago

I assume that you would use the same technique with a bait caster.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jim Yagelski

Yes, this same casting technique can be used with a bait caster.

5 years ago

#1. I inshore fish, well try , Port Charlotte fl. Need a new spinning rod and reel for here , Distance and accurcy.Very important
about $100, What to BUY?mTOO many choices.
#2 When I go fishing and make my plan and I get out there to find nothing! Catch nothing!
Where to go? Should you really just ride around until you find sign, LOST
I am doing something wronge , I Tried fishing guides, no help, SO Frustrated !

5 years ago
Reply to  Dave

The answers to all of your questions (and more) are clearly laid out in our Inshore Slammer online course:

Note: And if you aren’t 100% thrilled that you went through the course after completing it, we’ll give you a full refund.

5 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Your reviews from other say different
Your inshore slam is not good
Who is LUKE not you!

5 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Yes, I’m the Luke who created the Inshore Slammer course. For returns, we offer a 100% satisfaction/thrilled guarantee to everyone who buys the course, and there has not yet been a single refund out of hundreds of anglers who have ordered the course… so they either were thrilled that they took it (at best) or were at least satisfied that they got their money’s worth (at worst).

As for reviews, there are some listed on the Product page that are all 5 out of 5 stars with insightful commentary… here’s a link in case you missed it (just click on the Customer Reviews tab):

If you did hear a negative review about the Inshore Slammer from someone who actually took the course, then please let me know who it was from and I’ll gladly process a refund for them (send via email to

Richard Fiorentino
3 years ago

I am about 6 feet tall and use a 7 foot rod.The lure comes close to the back of my head. I might do better with a 7 1/2 rod

Robert Sonny Jarrell
2 years ago

Question on your casting spinningrod. How do you hale the FG knot going through your eyes. Especially the smaller ones found on modern microwave eyes

Raymond Gormley
1 year ago

how do you determine a fast tip verses slow tip rod

Jerry Dexter
2 months ago

Thanks Luke, I will try that!!


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