“If You Had A Million Dollars, Would You Buy This Custom 53′ HydraSports Suenos?”

By: Joseph Simonds on August 24, 2015
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hydrasports 53 custom suenos

It’s expensive boat time!

But first, do you remember the hit song, “If I had a Million Dollars” by the Canadian rock band the “Barenaked Ladies”?

In the song, they talk about all of the things they would buy if they had a million buckaroos.

They mention buying everything from:

  • A House
  • Furniture
  • Love
  • A Tree Fort
  • A Monkey
  • Pre-wrapped sausages
  • A Fur Coat
  • Art
  • A Lamb or an Emu
  • More Kraft Dinner with Dijon Ketchup
  • And even a “K-car” (a nice reliable automobile)
hydrasport custom 53

The Chrysler “K-Car” in all its glory!

But they never mention anything about buying a Boat!

An Emu but no Boat! Come on, guys!

Doggone Canadians need to get their priorities straight… just kidding all three of you Canadian readers that we have…

The $1 Million Dollar Question…

So that begs the question, what would you buy today if you were given $1 million dollars with the only caveat that you MUST spend it all…

And oh, by the way, you had to spend it on a BOAT!

And just ONE Boat (I know my brother Luke would say a fleet of flats boats).

The Boat That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head…

hydrasports 53 suenos custom

First of all, if you didn’t already know this, HydraSports disrupted the entire center console boating game this year when they came out with the longest, baddest, strongest, most technologically advanced center console boat in the universe.

Heck, I think they ever shocked themselves with how amazing the boat (aka fishing yacht) turned out.

To think that back in the day it was rare to see a 30ft center console, let alone one that is almost double in length! So it really is wild to think how far we have come in such a short time with fishing boats.

And it is no surprise that the large center console boats are on fire right now… the stock market is up (well maybe not today), more people are out fishing, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day, and the center console boat is one of the best overall fishing platforms out there.

Tons of space, more rod holders than you count, easy to walk around the entire boat, can reach speeds over 60mph to get offshore quicker than ever, and you can still pull up to any sandbar on a Sunday without blinking an eye.

Today, if you head down to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or the Florida Keys you will see more 40-43 center console boats than ever before. In fact, the 38ft+ center console boat industry has literally exploded ever since boat sales picked up somewhere around 2011-2012.

Boats Like These Beautiful Center Consoles:

biggest center console boats

Seahunter Tournament 45′

hydrasports 53 suenos custom boat

The 42′ Yellowfin “Under Armour” Fishing boat

best center console boats

The 43′ Open Midnight Express

But who would have ever guessed that we’d see a 53-foot long center console!

Not to mention a center console with a $1 million price tag (or more depending on your customization).

I think my 91-year old grandfather would have a heart attack if I told him there was a center console boat that was 53 feet long with quad 557 engines that went for a million bucks!

(You can read about my conversation with my 91-year-old grandfather who told me about his first offshore boat with dual 25 HP motors – the most powerful at the time – all in this popular POLL article called “Is There Such Thing As Too Much Horsepower On An Outboard Boat? Take the Poll”.

And ever since I caught my first glimpse of the 53′ Custom HydraSports with Quad 557 engines, I just can’t get it out of my head…

hydrasports 5300 custom center console

Why Do I Like The 53′ Custom HydraSports Boat?

Besides winning the following awards…

Awarded… Best in Show, Miami International Boat Show, February 2015
Awarded… Mil-Tough Rating, Structural Composites, February 2015
Awarded… Top Product, Boating Industry Magazine, May 2015

This over the top center console boat has everything that a fishing nut with a family could ever desire!

Enough fishing deck space (and great looking SeaDek) in the back to accommodate tons of anglers, friends, and family…

hydrasports 53 custom

Enough lounging and sunbathing space in the front of the boat to keep any wife happy…

hydrasport 53 custom center console boat

A center console dashboard panel that would make your grandpa blush…

hydrasports 53 custom fishing boat

Fish boxes (multiple) big enough to fit 6ft+ fish, friends that annoy you, or even kids in time out (not recommended)

hydrasports 53 fish box

And it even has a state of the art cabin if you want to take an afternoon siesta or do an overnight fishing trip.

hydrasports 53 suenos

Oh, and the word “Suenos” means “Dreams” in Spanish, so I think it is fair to say Hydrasports created a boat that was only something anglers dreamed about years ago…

Check out the must-watch video tour of the boat to see all of the amazing features (including how disgustingly fast it gets up on a plane with its quad 557 engines by Seven Marine).

Video Tour Of The HydraSports Custom 53′ Suenos

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The $1 Million Boat POLL

(all of these boats/yachts below are currently for sale right around the $997,000 mark)


Although I am personally nowhere close to being able to afford a 53′ Custom HydraSports Suenos (let alone the HydraSports 3400), it is never to early to dream…

And if you made it this far, you probably know that I would personally spend my $1 million boat money on this Hydrasports 53′ Suenos! It is one of the sweetest looking and best performing fishing boats I have ever laid my eyes on.

But even when I get all excited and show my wife videos like the HydraSports 53′ video tour above, she quickly reminds me of the wise words my dad told me about boats…

  • “Make sure you become best friends with someone that has a nice boat”
  • “If you have to ask how much it costs to dock and fuel it, then you can’t afford it…”

Hope you enjoyed this center console fishing boat post, and make sure to take the $1 Million Boat Poll above.

To learn more about Hydrasports and their custom 53′ Suenos, click here to go to their main website.

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P.P.S. – Elias De La Torre and the Hydrasports Team, if you ever need capable drivers to test out your boats in any form or fashion, there are two guys here at Salt Strong (myself and my brother Luke) that are ready and able…

P.P.P.S. – For your listening enjoyment, here is the song “If I Had A Million Dollars” by The Barenaked Ladies.

“If I Had A Million Dollars”

by the Barenaked Ladies

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Ralph Nicosia-Rusin
4 years ago

Disclaimer, I don’t own a boat so this is all arm chair opinion-

OVERALL-To me this is taking a good thing too far. It appears to be conflicted between being a party boat vs. a fishing boat

VULNERABILITiES- I don’t think it is a good family/fishing boat combo. It lacks a good swim platform. It would be overkill for towing sports. The size of the console might be hard to maintain visual contact with small ones while underway. When cruising between 40 to 60 knots it would be hard to turn and locate anyone who went overboard in less than a flat sea. The passageways abeam the console seemed very narrow. The reclining table operation seemed very rough with frequent need to restart. I would be concerned about any other custom gadgetry.

ESSENTIAL CONVENIENCES- A boat this long might be more difficult to tie up at seaside restaurants or other venues. Given its size it would also seem to invite offshore trips to the Caribbean. The design should have included a well integrated tender to produce convenient and efficient shore connections from anchorage.

I would also put some of the million dollar budget into systems to assist with docking and maneuvering in close quarters. Perhaps even lateral jet drives and automated docking a la self parking auto technology. That should make your insurance company happy and avoid having a trip end in an embarrassing hard docking or worse..

FISHING MACHINE DEFICIENCIES- If focussing one million dollars to enhance fishing capability are there more important items besides bars and lounge furnishings? Wouldn’t a pilot tower help with fish spotting? Wouldn’t an enclosed pilot house provide welcomed relief from excessive heat, cold and driving rain? Again, there are times when you would want a tender that doubles as a flats boat to extend your capability to fish distant shallows you are now able to travel to with given this boats speed. That’s why the tender should be integrated into the boat’s design and not an afterthought.

Given the boats capability to remain off shore for several days how about ice making or self cooled fish lockers? How about underwater video capability to provide opportunities to learn more about fish behavior or to film the final moments of landing a fish?

LIFESTYLE IMPACTS- More deck and hull and gadgets means more time spent in preparation and post trip maintenance and consequently less time fishing,

THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE FOR INNOVATION IN BOAT DESIGN- How to have the capability for this much fun with a much more sustainable vehicle.
As climate change progresses, it may become very difficult to rationalize producing this much carbon dioxide for one’s personal pleasure.no matter how hard we worked for having the wealth to afford it, Hopefully Boating Industry Magazine and boat shows will target awards to builders who employ more sustainable propulsion technology so pursuing our fantasies at any scale iwill be on oceans thriving within a healthy climate. An essential recipe for being Salt Strong.

Jim Brousse
1 month ago

Well said! This seems to be over the top. And with out a tender, you can only look at the flats.

4 years ago

If you had $1mil, you COULDNT buy this boat, because you’d be $800k short…

Dennis Montgomery
3 years ago
Reply to  Jason

Does that include the gasoline tanker to keep this puppy fueled?