Why This Fishing YouTuber Ditched Medical School To Fish


It’s podcast time!

A lot of you have asked me to get this guy on the podcast for some time and we finally made it happen!

This week I got to talk to Viktor Hluben from Landshark Outdoors, where he talks about everything from ditching medical school to do YouTube full time, to the biggest mistakes that newbies make when they’re fishing.

You’ll learn:

  • Why land-based fishermen become some of the best fishermen
  • How he got his big break and went viral (while working part-time at a valet)
  • Why he took a break from YouTube
  • Why you need to evolve to be successful (applies to YouTube, fishing, and life in general)

landshark tuna

If you’re a fan of Viktor and Landshark Outdoors you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

Click the play button below to listen here, or check it out on iTunes or Stitcher.

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Why This YouTuber Ditched Med School To Fish

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What did you think?

Do you have any questions for Viktor?

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You can check him out at Landshark Outdoors on:

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