Do You Like Catching Catfish? Take This Short Quiz to See!

By: Joseph Simonds on January 7, 2015
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catching catfish

Let me ask you a question…

Do you like catching catfish?

In particular, what about salt water catfish?

Ever since I was a youngster, I thought every salt water angler absolutely hated catching salt water catfish.

My dad taught us at a young age that salt water catfish were “junk fish”, as they did nothing but slime up our fishing lines, slime up our boat, ruin our bait, and sometimes take forever to get off the hook as we didn’t want to getting “stung” by one of their pesky sharp fins.

So much so that I when Luke and I started Salt Strong, we had our designer draft up a few different designs for a  “No Cats On Board” t-shirt that would have a big red cross going through a catfish (see image above)

The “No Cats On Board” design at the top of the page was one that we liked so much that we spent the money to have it go into production on our PCS (Performance Catching Shirts – not to be confused with Performance Fishing Shirts).

And one of the other designs had us laughing so hard that we decided to have you vote to get it into production (It’s made from real cat face, so you know its good).

FYI – You can vote on new shirt ideas (and even submit your own ideas) here at the bottom of this page.

catching catfish

The “Real Cat Face” No Cats On Board Design

 Our Salt Strong Google+ Group Smack Down

Once we had the Salt Strong website up and running on Jan 1st (2015), we subsequently created a Google+ community for our audience that enjoys communicating via Google+ (you can join instantly here).

If you have never created a community on Google+ before, one of the first things that you need to do is add an image that goes with your theme, etc.

I was running out of ideas that day, so I threw up the “No Cats On Board” design with the funny cat face…

And within two hours of taking it live I had a comment from someone that I didn’t yet know asking us why we hated catfish so much.

FYI, the Google+ member that posted the question (and also gets full credit for the idea of this survey is Gabriel Criscuo – Thank you Gabriel!)

To be honest, I didn’t know if Gabriel was joking or not when I first read the comment…

But then I realized that I might have misjudged people’s affinity with catfish.

(here is a screenshot of the Google+ post and part of the comment thread)

catching catfish

You can see there are 14 comments on here about catfish

I fully realize that fresh water catfish are incredible to eat, and I have heard salt water catfish are great to eat, but I have yet to find a fillet knife that specializes in slime removal (had to throw that jab in there).

But at any rate, immediately after Gabriel’s comment was another catfish lover to the rescue named Kawigurl Kawasaki that said she also loved catfish.

So I took Gabriel’s advice and created a catfish survey about catching catfish, eating catfish, and even two fun bonus cat questions.

Here is the Catching Catfish Survey

It is only 7 quick questions and we would really appreciate your feedback.

Once we have enough submissions, we will post the results for everyone to see.

You rock!

(Simply click your correct answer and use the scroll bar on the right to move down the 7 questions before hitting submit)


We will be posting the results of this survey in the near future.

Until then, let us know of any other questions or surveys that you would like to know the answers to in the comment section below.

And we would like to thank Gabriel for throwing out the idea of this catfish survey.

Fish On!

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Bo Arnold
4 years ago

catching a 20 plus blue cat or flathead is a rush. You are usually in tight corners with lots of snags and have to move a big fish fast. If you haven’t had the opportunity to fish for them you should try it.

Nic Turner
5 years ago

Live bait or artificial? Quantity or quality?

5 years ago
Reply to  Joe Simonds

Actually I have been known to target them on occasion. The hot Florida sun and bad eye sight will have you sight fishing them on occasion. Luke would always let me know after I made the sight cast of the year “that’s a catfish Nic” The live bait or artificial comment, was an idea for a survey. Luke and I would debate this every tournament because you can catch bigger fish on average with live bait, but usually more with artificial.