Quick And Easy Way To Make Any Cell Phone Waterproof

By: Luke Simonds on July 19, 2015
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Although fishing is often a great way to get a break from civilization, it still is important to have a cell phone with you while out on the water in case there’s an emergency.

Also, the fact that most cell phones these days can serve as high quality cameras and video recorders too is an added bonus.

The only problem with bring your cell phone out on the water is that cell phones can get damaged by if exposed to water… even by just a single drop.

And I unfortunately know this fact first-hand on multiple occasions.

Worst of all, my latest cell phone demise due to water happened when it was in an $80+ “waterproof” case that I bought due to my prior history of losing phones due to water damage.

So if the expensive cases can’t be fully trusted, what should we do?

How To Make A Cell Phone Waterproof

Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way to make a cell phone waterproof (or a “waterproof” case even more waterproof)…

And best of all, it’s one of the least expensive options out there… watch the video below to see details:

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Losing a phone to the water is awful… especially when contacts and photos are not fully backed up.

So make sure that you are extra cautious when taking your phone out on the water. Fortunately, this simple plastic bag can be a huge money saver… I certainly wish that I had my most recent phone bagged up on its last trip on the water.

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Throw a couple wine corks into the baggie, or some foam etc. Now you’ve got a floating waterproof phone bag.


I don’t seem to be able to get sound on your videos unless I go through my actual YouTube app to view them. Any reason why. ?

Joseph Simonds

It is probably an update that needs to happen on your browser. Try it in a different browser (chrome, firefox, safari, etc) and see if you can hear it. We have hundreds of thousands of people a month on the site with no issues so you shouldn’t have to go to the YouTube app. It could also be that your YouTube videos are defaulted on mute. Look for the volume button at the bottom and double check that it isn’t on mute. My computer did that to me one day and I thought I was losing my mind until I realized it had defaulted to mute. Thanks for watching Suede!

David George

To get as much air out as possible, before sealing insert a straw suck out as much air as possible and quickly seal as you remove it. Poor mans shrink wrap.

Peter Jackson

iv heard you can get a actual water tight thicker bag at these boat shows ,and they do actually work better than a normal bag ,,,,hmmm

Simon Murphy

I use the smaller size bags that are only a bit bigger than the phone, I put the phone in one then put that into another. It gives me that extra layer of protection if I want to take it out to make a call when Kayaking etc. Also a tip is to make sure you buy a good brand not the very cheap ones, but either way make sure that you test it before you use the bag. Just put some air in it and seal it, then gently try to squeeze the air out, if it comes out then the water can get in….get another bag.


Use the bike tire trick – fill the baggie with air, put it into a bowl of water and squeeze – look for bubbles.

Ricardo Garcia

Great tip, that’s what I have been doing for some time now. Just make sure you change your bag for each trip. Especially if you wade fish.