Mystery Tackle Box Inshore Saltwater Fishing Review [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on May 22, 2015
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mystery tackle box inshore saltwater fishing

If you haven’t heard of Mystery Tackle Box yet, they are disrupting the fishing industry with their monthly fishing tackle “boxes” delivered right to your door, without ever having to get in your car, surf the web, read reviews etc.

And they aren’t just sending out random lures that were excess inventory or anything.

They are sending out some of the most popular, some of the best rated, and even some Mystery Tackle Box exclusive lures from the big named lure and tackle manufacturers.

Quite honestly, we didn’t pay Mystery Tackle Box that much attention at first (except to watch their hilarious “KVD” videos), as they were only focused on freshwater fishing to start.

But as soon as we heard that they came out with a saltwater (inshore) Mystery Tackle Box, we were quick to jump on board. Heck, we even interviewed one of their co-founders during our March Fishing Madness Event (you can watch it here).

Mystery Tackle Box Inshore Saltwater Review (and Unboxing)

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Tackle Breakdown in this Inshore Saltwater Mystery Tackle Box

1. 3-inch Bucktail Jig

The white bucktail in the mystery tackle box was from K&E Stopper Lures, and it retails at $4.49 per bucktail

2. Topwater Mullet Imitator

This “Mullet Popper” is made by LiveTarget, and it has some of the most life-like detail we have ever seen on a topwater popper. It retails at $12.99

3. Mustad Circle Hook

The hooks in this mystery tackle box were made by Mustad, and they are officially called the “Classic Demon Perfect Circle Hook (4 / 0). The hooks retail for $2.79 for an 8-pack.

4. Matrix Soft Plastic Paddletail Shad

The 4-pack of shad in the box were made by Matrix / Dockside Bait & Tackle, and these multi-game soft plastic shad retail at $3.99 per pack.

5. Attraxx Shrimp Imitators

The 4-pack of plastic shrimp in the mystery tackle box were made by Attraxx Baits, they have a paddle-tail, and they come standard with the Attraxx patented “Sci-X” feeding stimulant.


Although we haven’t had the chance to fish with these Mystery Tackle Box baits yet, we are pretty excited to test them out.

We already know that we can catch snook, redfish, trout, and even some tarpon on the white bucktail, but what will really be interesting is to see how that realistic mullet and the paddle-tail shad and paddle-tail shrimp do.

All in all, this was a great deal as it would have cost us well in excess of DOUBLE what we paid for the Mystery Tackle Box if we bought these from a store at retail prices.

For more on Mystery Tackle Box and all of their different types of subscriptions, click here.

Stay tuned for more unboxing and reviews of the saltwater “inshore” Mystery Tackle Boxes.


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Clint Bowers
7 months ago

Any follow-up on how you liked these after trying?