The “No Bananas On Board” Error Sticker. Grab Yours For FREE!

By: Joseph Simonds on March 30, 2016
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no bananas on boat error sticker

Did you ever trade baseball cards as a kid?

Do you remember the highly coveted (and incredibly hard to find) “Error Cards?”

These were baseball cards that had some sort of error on them (like the famous Dale Murphy “Reverse Negative” card).

Error cards were caused from a variety of things such as:

  • Misprints of the player’s name
  • Wrong picture (Carlos Beltran had a rookie card with one of his teammates on it instead of him)
  • Inappropriate things going on the background from funny teammates…
  • Inappropriate things with the player (like Bill Ripken having an expletive on the bottom of his bat in his Fleer baseball card picture, or like Claude Raymond who pulled off multiple baseball cards with his fly wide open)
  • Misprints on stats and facts on the back of the card
no bananas on board error card

Pitcher Claude Raymond with his fly wide open…

Well, now Salt Strong has it’s very own “Error” card in the form of a botched No Bananas on Board sticker.

And the best news is that we refuse to sell them, so we are giving out 199 of them for FREE!

Check out the quick video below to see how you can get one today.

Introducing The “No Bananas” Error Sticker

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Grab Your “No Bananas” Error Sticker Today!

Want to have one of these Limited Edition “Error Stickers” from Salt Strong?

Then simply buy any “No Bananas on Board” products from the Salt Strong Shop page, and leave a note that mentions the “Error Sticker” in the note section of the check-out process.

Any “No Bananas on Board” product qualifies from:

  • No Bananas on Board Performance shirt
  • No Bananas on Board T-shirt
  • No Bananas on Board Hat
  • No Bananas on Board Tervis Tumbler Cup
  • No Bananas on Board Sticker

This special offer is good starting on any order March 30th, 2016 or later. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and add these stickers on old orders of “No Bananas on Board” products.

Go to the Shop page now and grab yours!

It’s first come, first serve… and thankfully these “Error Stickers” will never be made again…

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that this sticker will have any value or be priceless some day…

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Scott Schroeder
4 years ago

I’ve been trying to find out some information on setting up my rods for surf fishing. What I need to know is if I am running braided line on my reels do I need to run a shock line leader.
I am using 40# on one of my reels, do I just step down to 30# mono? And how much line?

Luke Simonds
4 years ago

Hey Scott, the exact answer depends on the type of species you’re going after. Since you’re using 40lb braid, I’m assuming that you’re going after big game (sharks or tarpon), and I prefer using a mono leader for each… with the shark rigs having an added length of wire directly before the hook.

For tarpon, I like using a ~3 ft leader of 60 lbs or more.

And if you’re going after snook, then a ~3 ft leader of 40 to 50 lbs would be sufficient (although you certainly can go much lower on the braid size if snook… I typically use 10 20 lb braid when beach fishing for snook).

Hopefully this helps… Fish On!