Here’s What To Do When A Non-Fisherman Says Fishing Is Cruel…

By: Joseph Simonds on July 29, 2017
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organic fishing

Ever heard of sprouting kingfish?

Ever heard of “Organic Homegrown Fish Gardening?”

How about growing fish in your backyard in general?

Well, you’ll get a little taste all of three with this funny video by our friend Joey Antonelli (same guy who got bit in the family jewels by a trigger fish caught on camera – see it here)

Why “Organic Fishing?”

Well, Joey was sick and tired of all the non-fishing haters who continue to chime in on social media about how cruel fishing is and how much better the world would be if everyone was a vegan… so he came up with this funny fishing parody.



Note to non-fishing vegans: No plants were hurt in the filming of this video…

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1 year ago

i havent joied your club , since i live in tottenham ,Ont, Canada, and fish streams , rivers and the great lakes, but i must say you guys blow me away in all your videos, im a 60 year old fisherman and still love fishinf when i can get out, keep up your videos .

Jacinda Rose
2 years ago

???? perfect! Now only if i could get some precleaned & cooked!!