How To Target And Catch Flounder Around Docks (With Capt. CA Richardson)

Want to know how the pros target flounder around docks? Then check out this new Insider tip from Capt. CA Richardson. Tight lines.
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Winter Time Drum on the Flats – Trends, Tips, Tactics

On this trip I found a huge school of over slot Black Drum and was able to catch quite a few on artificial. This video will include some great tips and tactics for sight fishing these schools on the flats. Check out the full report!
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How To Fish The Rapala Twitchin’ Mullet (Video Review)

Have you tried this Rapala Twitching Mullet yet? It's an awesome hard bait for every inshore tackle box. Here are a few tips on how to fish it.
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How To Tie The Surgeon’s Loop Knot On Braid [Strongest Method]

Wondering how to tie the Surgeon's Loop knot for with braid in addition to how it's strength compares to the other popular braid doubling options? You'll see that and more in this post (including a detailed "How to tie the Surgeon's Loop Knot" video.
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The Redfish “Skunk Factor” Series (6-Part Redfish Video Series)

Hey Insiders! Back when we launched the Redfish Mastery Course, we filmed six different redfish tips that were a precursor to getting the course (each...
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Salt Strong Meet-Up Fishing Report [Day After Severe Cold Front]

We had a fun meet-up over in Tampa to kick off the new year, and the weather threw us a curve ball... a severe cold front pushed through the day before the meet leaving us with extremely cold conditions.
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South Padre Island, Texas “Fishing Spot Dissection” – Insider Exclusive

You've got to see this latest spot dissection for South Padre Island, Texas. Tony breaks down exactly where to fish (and why). Enjoy
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What Is The Best Monofilament Line For Abrasion Strength?

This post shows a "Best Monofilament Line" experiment where 4 of the most popular monofilament lines are put to the test to see which one can handle abrasion the best. See the full results including a video of the test here.
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How To Spice Up & SUPERCHARGE Your Gulp Baits Even More!

If you fish with Berkley Gulp baits at all, you've got to see this new tip from Tony on how to supercharge your Gulp baits even more. Enjoy and tight lines!
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Haulover Canal Tactics – Fishing Barge Canals, Inlets, and Passes

On this trip, I visited Haulover Canal near Titusville, Florida to catch some large bull redfish. I was only there for about 2 hours but I was able to land a 42" red. In this report I will be showing tactics for fishing this area that can apply to inlets and passes. Click to view the report!
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Sharks In The City: The Impacts Of Urban Sharks In Big Cities (Video & Podcast)

Want to know how sharks such as the hammerhead, bull shark, blacktip, and others are adapting and getting more used to us in big cities like Miami? Then check this out.
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How To Find Inshore Feeding Zones In The Winter (Plus Online Map Bonus)

Wow! This could be one of the most comprehensive winter time fishing tips yet. Check out all of the different tips Tony reveals in this 20-minute Insider only tutorial.
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What You Can Expect From Salt Strong in 2018 [State Of The Union]

Want to see exactly what Salt Strong is doing to make sure you have your BIGGEST fishing year ever? Then check out what's in store for 2018. Pa-POW!
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Cucumber Island ML – Winter Warming Trend Trip

I made a trip to Cucumber Island on Mosquito Lagoon in search of some fish warming themselves up from the recently strong cold front that came through. I was able to find some trout and reds hanging out in muddy areas. Click to view the report!
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How To Make A Clicking Rig For Soft Plastics (Fish Magnet)

Ever used a clicking rig to attract feeding fish? How about a clicking rig on soft plastics? Well, in this video, Tony shows you exactly how to rig it up for more bites.
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