How To Safely Store You Rod & Reel For A Long Period Of Time


Want to know how to safely store your rod and reel for a long period of time?

Maybe you’re a seasonal angler and have some long gaps in between your trips. Or life gets in the way and you aren’t able to fish for a while.

No matter what the reason is, you’ll see some helpful tips for storing your rods and reels so that they don’t rust away while they’re not being used.

Check out the video below.

How To Store Your Rods & Reels [VIDEO]

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Below is a step-by-step process I go through if I’m storing my rods and reels for a prolonged period of time.

Step 1: Rinse everything off

The first thing I do when I get off the water is rinse off my equipment with fresh water.

I just do a light mist on my reel because a strong stream of water can push saltwater farther into the reel, but with the rod, it doesn’t matter as much since there are no internal parts.

After rinsing everything, use a rag to dry it all off.

Step 2: Respool your reel

If I’m putting a reel up for two or three months, I like to respool it.

Saltwater can sit in the line and if it’s sitting there for a few months, it can start to corrode your spool.

So I like to take all of the line off, clean the spool, then put new line on there so it’ll be ready to go when I start using it again.

Step 3: Spray your rod & reel with lubricant

The two types of lubricant I like to use are Corrosion-X and Clenzoil, although I prefer Corrosion-X.

First, I spray the lubricant into all of the moving parts in the reel, including:

  • the handle
  • where the arm meets the shaft
  • where the handle connects to the body of the reel
  • where the bail flips open
  • the line roller
  • and any other moving parts on your reel

After I’ve sprayed all of that with the lubricant I use a rag to wipe off the excess.

Then, I’ll spray some lubricant onto a rag and wipe down the entire rod and reel, including the guides and inserts on the rod.

Step 4: Make sure everything is loose

Loosen up your drag, the reel seat locking nuts, and the hook on your hook keeper.

If these pieces are tight, they can lock saltwater in, which can cause corrosion.


storing your fishing rod and reel

If you’re putting up your rod and reel for a while, you want to take a few steps to make sure that they don’t rust while they’re not being used.

Be sure to rinse them off with water, get some lubricant on the moving pieces, loosen the drag and real seat locking nuts.

Have any questions about preventative maintenance and storing your rod and reel?

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you know someone who needs to learn to store their equipment correctly, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Roger Csajko
11 months ago

Thanks for this info. Very helpful

3 years ago

Hi Tony, I have viewed many Saltstrong videos and on-line training, your tip on Corrosion X, has been on of the most to dramatically improve the performance of my entire reel collection(not to mention every other tool in the house, that’s been getting the Corrosion X treatment too!!!). I use Clenzoil as well. Thank you so much for one of the best tips I have received from Saltstrong. There is always something new to learn from the Saltstrong team. Keep up the good work, we appreciate your time and efforts in producing the videos.

Peter C
3 years ago

Hi Tony
Several weeks ago, I asked you for the full name of Corrosion X and yes you have replied for which I am grateful I should receive my order of this product from Amazon within the next several days..
I have one other question pertaining to my rod. I have serval 2 piece rods and would like to ask you what should I apply to the area where the 2 pieces of the rod are joined together to make it a one piece.? Many times I find it difficult to dislodge the 2 pieces because they become too tight once assembled.
Any help you can offer is appreciated.
Thank you.
Peter C

3 years ago

Is there any reason to remove the spool and clean and lube under it ?

Paul Schroder
3 years ago

Enjoyed the rod/reel maintenance tips. I have this cool little device that I use for misting down my gear. It’s called the aquabot water bottle by Lunatec. You can use it to spray a fine cooling mist on yourself when it’s hot out and a stronger mist to a stream to drink out of or mist down your gear. I also use it for rinsing dishes when we are sailing and conserving water.
The device acts as a kid for a nalgene drinking water bottle. It has a built in pump to pressurize the bottle so you can control how strong a stream you need. Check it out! They are available a lot of places but Amazon is the most popular. I love everything about this tool other than the price. Not horrible but a bit pricey. I like it so much, I have three.

Robert Alexander
3 years ago

I’ve become a big believer in Salt Away. I spray every metal piece on my boat after washing it. I use it after rinsing my reels with fresh water. Then apply Corrosion-X. Finally, I spray with Reel Magic or other line conditioner. Is this overkill? Maybe if I’m using Corrosion-X it also breaks down salt chemically as does Salt Away. I am still using Shimano reels that are over 20 years old.

Steven Free
3 years ago

Yea it’s amazing at how many anglers buy quality tackle but don’t take care of it then complain that the item is defective while everything quality will last a long time care and maintenance still needs to be performed otherwise one will regret it later you don’t buy a car or truck that almost costs a years worth of work pay then don’t change the oil on it when due well the same goes for anything mechanical if it’s mechanical maintenance needs to be performed at some point thanks for the video and all you do????

Tim Sefried
3 years ago

Tony, I realize this is for long time storage. But what about getting some of the lubricant on the line?
Will it last and the smell scare off fish?

3 years ago

Would you also take of the spool and lubricate the shaft and anything else in that area?

3 years ago

Tony do you ever spray this on the internal parts of the reel?

3 years ago
Reply to  Russ

Tony – Makes total sense, glad I asked.

Thank you


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