Win This Redfish Camo Performance Shirt! [FREE CONTEST GIVEAWAY]

By: Joseph Simonds on May 26, 2016
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redfish camo shirt

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on social media of a brand new Salt Strong “Redfish Camo” performance shirt that I was wearing for some video reviews Luke and I were doing.

Little did I know that the pic would create a ton of buzz in terms of people asking:

  • When would the Redfish Camo shirt be for sale?
  • What do the redfish in the shirt look like up close?
  • Is Salt Strong going to make more camo shirts?

The great news is that I will answer all three of those questions below AND give you the link to enter the free contest to win the Redfish Camo shirt before it is ever for sale.

*** You can CLICK HERE to enter the contest giveaway now ***

Here is the pic I posted on social media:

redfish camo shirt

This is me in front of Boca Vista Harbor next door to Gasparilla Marina about to do some videos with Luke

So let me answer the three questions from above:

  1. We have a second Salt Strong camo shirt coming in any day, and we plan on letting you vote on which one you like the best. The winner will go into production and will be for sale. Since these are all made and handstitched in the USA, it is a much more expensive endeavor for each line.
  2. Check out the video below (and the one on the contest page) to see some up close footage of the redfish camo design
  3. Yes! But for now, the only way to get one is by entering the free contest giveaway! Click here to enter now.

What are you waiting for!

Enter the free contest now by clicking here.

Note: You can see what the shirt looks like in this video below.

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Click Here To Enter The Contest Giveaway For The Redfish Camo Shirt

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