This Redfish Video Will Make You Want To Throw Topwater Plugs Today!

By: Joseph Simonds on December 10, 2017
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catching redfish on topwater lures


Nothing like seeing a redfish throwing a big wake while chasing down a topwater plug.

I really like how Mac Hoover, Jeff Thompson, and Capt. Archie Hager told their story of chasing reds in this video called “Getting Schooled.”

It’s all filmed around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbour which is a place we grew up fishing.

Great memories and tons of great redfish caught there.

I love the footage of the redfish tracking down the lure.

And anyone who’s spent time chasing down redfish will be able to relate.

Enjoy the video.

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how to catch redfish

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Jacinda Rose
2 years ago

Great video!! Perhaps I’ll try topwater a lil more! Lol
Love catchin them reds!!

Capt Gene Hammond
2 years ago

Pretty awesome!! That is some professional prime time video editing!