How To Store A Sabiki Rig Without Getting Hooked Or Snagged [VIDEO]


It’s sabiki rig time again!

My love/hate relationship with sabiki rigs for catching bait goes back to my very first time using one…

I love that sabiki rigs help bring in a bunch of good bait in a short amount of time (while making for some fun contests on who can catch the most bait)…

But I hated that my favorite shirt got a tear in it from getting snagged by one of the hooks while walking near the rod with the sabiki rig on while it was in a vertical rod holder.

Not to mention all of the times a sabiki rig has decided to wrap itself around my other rods and lines and cause a huge mess on the boat.

But on a recent trip offshore, I learned a quick and easy way to help prevent sabiki rigs from hooking everything that comes near it while it is being stored in between usage.

And it’s so easy to do that I just wish I would have thought of it on my own a long time ago because that would have prevented lost blood and wasted time unraveling sabiki lines from the many items they’ve been tangled on.

How To Store A Sabiki Rig [Video]

The biggest frustration from sabiki rigs stems from the fact that its hooks are prone to snagging anything and everything on the boat since they dangle off the line when tied on a rod.

So the trick is to secure the hooks to one another so that they stay in a straight line…

Basically, it’s all about snagging the hooks on themselves before they can get snagged on anything else.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

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Note: Special thanks to Capt. Milton Bontrager for this helpful sabiki rig tip.

If you want to see how I make my own sabiki rigs at home, click here now.

And here’s a picture of some of the fish we caught that day while using the bait caught on sabiki rigs… delicious:

african pompano


When in need of catching good baitfish, sabiki rigs can certainly be a good option…

And this simple tip can help prevent a lot of frustration in the form of hooked anglers, clothing, and/or tangled gear.

Best of all, it doesn’t require anything but just a little time to fix what can be a big issue!

What do you think?

Was this helpful?

Any other ideas on how you make your own Sabiki rigs?

Let me know in the comments.

Fish On!

P.S. – If you have any friends who use sabiki rigs, please Tag them or Share this with them so they can be saved from sabiki frustration. You Rock! Pa-POW!

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Steven Lake
1 month ago

Hollow plastic yard signs cut to small size to fit easily in a small ziplock bag

Vincent C Ruggiero
2 months ago

What about a touch of masking tape on the hooks? It’s what I do on some other lures.

Cynthia Wales
3 years ago

What size rod/reel would you suggest for a sabiki?


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