The Slam Shady 2.0 Vs. The Mulligan [Pros & Cons]


What’s the difference between the original Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail and the new Mulligan paddletail?

That question was recently asked by a member, so I put this quick video together so that you can see the situations when you should choose one over the other.

You’ll see the pros and cons of each lure in the video below so that you can know which one to use on any given day.

The 2.0 Vs. The Mulligan

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Just like many comparisons of similar lures, the differences in performance between the two can seem very slight.

But over time, putting slight odds on your favor will often result in a lot more fish catching.

So we highly recommend making a point to continually think about the size of the lure being used along with the size of the baitfish in the area. Even a half inch change can make a very big difference in strikes.

Please use the Comment section below if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions on other lures to compare.

Finding The Fish Help

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Neal Hagood
2 months ago

Luke, Thanks for the post! Glad to read /hear what you had to say about those 2 lures!
S (SS 2.0), M (Mulligan) & following that point, L (bomber) – lures for what size bait the fish are feeding on.
Some of this post went unnecessarily dark, but I guess that comes with the territory, unfortunately.
I appreciate the positive content at SS!

2 months ago

Thank you for the information Luke. I really enjoy all of the lessons. Even the the ones I think I know, I still learn something.

Steven Free
2 months ago

I am surprised that in the winter months and just recently when you guys first introduced the new mulligan paddletail that you guys were using them being that they are 4 inches I would think that would be a little to big for use until later on in the spring when the bait gets bigger I am impressed by the action of the bait I cut a few of mine down to match the hatch and have been doing good in catching reds and trout with them although I don’t agree with your assessment that the dimples make the lure cast farther yes I know its based on the golf ball design but you have to remember a golf ball is round not cigar shaped like a paddletail lure is a golf ball has no drag to slow it down but a paddletail lure unless it’s shot strait out from a gun has lots of drag like the line and the foot it all slows it down plus in my experience in using it found that it casts no further then any other paddletail lure anyways just saying great lure but it casts just the same as the others at least for me it does thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Frank Hunnes
2 months ago

Thanks Luke. Always appreciate and enjoy your tips!

Steven Busby
2 months ago

Informative video. Thanks.

James Johnston
2 months ago

Thanks Luke that was a great explanation 👍!

Scott Reeder
2 months ago

Luke, thanks for the video. I recently posted up this exact question on the forum that you answered. I decided to carry the mulligan in three colors and the 2.0 in three colors, a few power prawns and top waters and cleared everything else out of my kayak. Should be a pretty simple setup, and appreciate all the great insights from Salt Strong!

Bernard Kosicki
2 months ago

Thanks for this Luke. Some interesting things to think about.

Terry McLaughlin
2 months ago

Thanks Luke. I appreciate the comparisons I read some of the comments below , makes one laugh. Everyone wants to be a critic. You are giving them options for their situation
You do not force anyone to buy any product If people are not catching fish with any of these products MAYBE they are fishing in the WRONG area Probably should go to the 90/10 video or any of the other tutorial videos. Please do not stop making these types of videos. Thanks again

Adam Carter
2 months ago

How much farther does the Mulligan cast vs the SS 2.0? Same rod, reel, line, hook all being the same are you getting a few feet, yards, miles?


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