How To Catch Striped Bass Like A BOSS!

It’s striper fishing time!

And we brought on the man, the myth, the New Jersey legend, Nick Honachefsky.

If you aren’t familiar with Nick, he’s pretty much done it all in the fishing industry…

He’s been the editor for some of the top fishing magazines in the country, he’s a frequent contributor to magazines such as Saltwater Sportsman, Guy Harvey Magazine, Sport Fishing Magazine, and numerous others… and he even has his own fishing TV show called Saltwater Underground (check it out here on Tackle Direct).

And he’s been catching striped bass (and big gorilla bluefish) up in Jersey ever since he was in diapers…

In this Fish Strong podcast episode, Nick entertains the heck out of us with his stories and experiences of targeting striped bass from both land and sea.

We discuss the best times to target stripers, fishing from the beach, and his favorite lures for striped bass.

You’ll learn what “spot burning,” “bunker,” “and “the perfect spawning temp” are…


Note: we apologize in advance for any cursing… it’s a New Jersey fishing thing (haha)

Striped Bass Fishing With Nick Honachefsky

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To learn more about Nick, check out his new fishing show, Saltwater Undergroundhere (on Tackle Direct).

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P.S. – To see all of the past podcast episodes, click here now.

Tight lines!

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Ralph Nicosia-Rusin
5 years ago

Many thanks for extending into the Northeast with your mission to help fisherman expand their skills and knowledge . I hope your southern fisherman enjoy learning about the fish species in our waters as much as I have in learning about trout, redfish, and snook. I live in New Hampshire and most frequently fish the northern Massachusetts coastline. I have yet to experience a striper blitz myself but one late June our family was out on a beach on the outer Cape and the water was teaming with bait fish, seals, and bluefish. It was intense just to witness that much life and drama roiling through the waves so near the shore.
Nick’s video certainly was slick and entertaining. He has a lot of on screen charisma. I hope as they evolve there is even more instructional content, though I respect the merit of just sharing the joy and fun of the fishing experience. Looking forward to more articles and videos.

Scott Rispaud
5 years ago

Well, Nick nailed it. I don’t fish Jersey, but I do fish the fall run in Montauk. There is nothing more exciting than seeing those Bass Blitz on baits. I have caught so many bass from 10-30 lbs in one day that I had to quit from soreness and hunger. Eat, 2 hours of sleep and head back for the night bite. Wading out to a rock 25 yds off the shoreline in the dark, banging fish and getting knocked off the rock by waves, climb back up and do it some more! Go to breakfast and people look at you and remark…”he’s been at it all night!”

Luke and Joe…YOU’VE GOT TO DO THIS. There is nothing like it anywhere. I have 3 waterproof Van Staals I would let you use if you go. You will get wet and you will trash a reel that is not waterproof. Hit me up. Check out Bass Blitzing on Youtube. It will get your juices flowin! For two weeks you will wish you didn’t have a job to go to…or a wife. Nothing compares. It’s a sickness and I love being sick…

Nick Pavone
5 years ago

Great Tips!

Will Mason
5 years ago
Reply to  Nick Pavone


Will Mason
5 years ago



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