How To Survive (And GROW) Your Small Business During A Recession

By: Joseph Simonds on May 7, 2020
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Back in 2009 (during the last big recession), I was given some of the best advice of my life…

How to grow a small business during a recession.

You see, I had just started my first business – and I was scared to death.

Starting your own business (or working for a new start-up) is nerve-wracking enough as it is, but it’s even scarier when the country is in the middle of a recession.

Now although we aren’t officially in a full-blown recession yet…

But with countless millions of newly unemployed and an economy that won’t be going back to “normal” anytime soon, I’m willing to bet we’re not out of this.

In fact, I think it will get worse before it gets better.

So I recorded this episode to share what got me through the last recession and the exact process I’m using now to GROW during these tough times.

I hope it can help you.


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How To Grow Your Business During A Recession [PODCAST]

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