Salt Strong Tackle Shop Gift Cards: SPECIAL OFFER!!

Salt Strong Tackle Shop Gift Cards are a great gift for the holidays coming up!!!

Check them out HERE!!!

For the next four days, this Salt Strong Gift Card Special Offer is available for all of our Insider Members only!!!

Tackle Shop Gift Cards Special Offer [VIDEO]

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In addition to getting gift cards, you will get 10% OFF of the gift card when you buy one!

For example, if you spend $100 on a gift card, you will only pay $90!!

On top of that, Insiders receive an additional 20% off of every purchase!

We want to extend a massive thank you to our Insider Members!!

As many of you know, stocking our tackle shop with gear and supplies has been incredibly tough this year due to the impact of Covid-19.

Although it will improve soon, it has been super frustrating for us not to be able to provide the tackle for our Insiders.

The Salt Strong gift cards will also be valid for a year for when more tackle will be in our shop regularly!

If your wife, husband, kids, family members, or friends want to purchase this gift card, remember you have to be logged into your Insider account to purchase.

The discount is automatically applied at checkout in our online shop!

If you decide to order a gift card, you will get a code that will be valid in our shop! (Card used in the video is just a prop!!!)

Don’t wait because this offer only lasts over the next four days and expires Sunday, November 21st at MIDNIGHT!!!

Click HERE to get your Insider exclusive special offer NOW!!

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Randal Gaskins
2 years ago

Great offer guys! I want to purchase a gift card for another insider member. Is that possible and how would that work?

2 years ago

Great idea guys!! I’ve been wanting a new rod and reel…and now at an even better discount. Yes, Please! How much do you predict the new rods and reels are going to run?

Capt. Tom Markd
2 years ago

Thinking of how much tackle I bought this year I should not need any more, but heck why not. I am in.

2 years ago

Sweet!! I’m in for a few.

2 years ago

Just bought 2x$100 cards …… hard to pass up that deal.
The tackle alone is almost pay for my membership.

John Childers
2 years ago

Discount Double Check! 🤣🤣

Larry Mills
2 years ago

Can we use the card to pay for a membership for friend or relative?

Russell Coleman
2 years ago

Great idea, Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

David Johnson
2 years ago

Pretty good guys. I’m gonna get me one.

Douglas Snyder
2 years ago

Does the discount apply to item out of stock – when you are on the waiting list. Or is the discount only for item that are instock?


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