The Top 5 Jobs That Embrace Mustaches

By: Joseph Simonds on December 31, 2014
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Mustaches have been around in America since the Pilgrims landed here hundreds of years ago.

It is common knowledge that many of the earliest settlers that were considered the best fishermen, were also the best at growing a mustache.

But I digress…

Top 5 jobs for a mustache man

Pilgrim Stache

Regardless of how awesome and popular a young man becomes when he is first able to muster up a manly mustache these days, mustaches have not always been as hip and cool as they are today.

In fact, there were many phases in American history where men wearing mustaches were shunned, mocked, and even fired from their job.

Which is exactly why we are presenting the Top 5 Jobs that embrace Mustaches (for men or women), so that you can excel, win friends and influence people, and become a legend with your stache.

But first…

The Mustache “Lip Magic” That Changed It All

Although there have been numerous “standout” mustaches over the last one hundred years, two men in particular revolutionized the mustache from being something “hippies had above their lip” to something “that only the manliest of men could pull off”.

Note: If you want to see the 20 Mustaches that Changed History, click here.

Who were the two men?

  • Burt Reynolds in the 1970’s
  • Tom Selleck in the 1980’s
top 5 jobs that embrace mustaches

Tom Selleck and his well manicured stache

And according to the American Mustache Institute (yes, it really exists), it was the iconic Reynolds that helped spawn the The Triple Threat back in the 1970’s…

  1. mustache
  2. perm
  3. turtleneck
top 5 jobs that embrace mustaches

The Triple Threat by Will Ferrell

Thank you gentlemen for all of the joy that you have passed down, and for working so hard during those two decades to turn the mustache into something everyone can respect and enjoy.

Now without further adieu…

The Top 5 Jobs That Embrace Mustaches

1. High School Baseball Coach (bonus – High School Principal)

2. Truck Drivers

3. Artists

4. Used Car Salesmen

5. Celebrities (minus the Justin Bieber mustache)


Mustaches are great.

And they are now considered just as American as hotdogs, baseball games, and the Dukes of Hazzard.

Sadly, not all jobs encourage mustaches at work, but these five jobs above absolutely love and appreciate a solid mustache.

But if worst comes to worst, most jobs will forgive your stache if you grow it during “Movember”, but there is only one way to find out…

Do you have a great mustache story?

If so, tell us below. If you have a great picture that goes with your story, send that in to and we will publish it in here if we feel it is a great story that needs to be shared.



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5 years ago

Classic! You forgot pilot. What about top 5 things you shouldn’t do while rocking a stache? #1 Drive around a white van(no windows) within 2 mile radius of school. #2 Eat smores or anything with melted marsh mellows……….

Nic Turner
5 years ago
Reply to  Joe Simonds

Bring your camera to the “Board meeting” in Hawaii. I will start growing an over the lipper asap

5 years ago

Time to have a Mustachio bashio.  High School baseball coaches?  YOU ARE KILLING ME!  I LOVE IT.