Top 5 Reasons Ellen Should Have Salt Strong On Her Show

By: Joseph Simonds on February 6, 2015
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top 5 ellen should have salt strong on her show

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a goofy white guy grew a mustache and recreated Lionel Richie’s popular music video “Hello” while serenading Ellen DeGeneres and raising money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project!

Well you are in luck!

That actually just happened…

And it is only one of many epic videos that Salt Strong has created to try to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres for their March Fishing Madness: “Warrior Strong” month-long event.

Before we get in to The Top 5 Reasons Ellen Should Have Salt Strong on Her Show, let me give you the bullet points on March Fishing Madness: “Warrior Strong” so you know why this is such a cause-worthy event.

  • My brother Luke and I will be living on a small island (only accessible by boat) for the entire month of March to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warriors
  • We will be taking a Wounded Warrior out fishing for 3 days while we are down there
  • We will be donating $5,000 of our own money to the Wounded Warrior Project
  • We will be interviewing some of the most influential and entertaining people in the fishing business to help reach more audiences and have some fun

Now, without further adieu…

The Top 5 Reasons Ellen Should Have Salt Strong On Her Show

1. The Wounded Warriors

This entire month-long event is about the Wounded Warriors.

In fact, we fully realize that without the men and women that risk their lives to protect us and give us our freedom, my brother and I would never even have the chance to do what we are doing.

The Wounded Warriors are the men and women that leave their families for months at a time, that go into battle for us while we can sit peacefully at home with our own families, and who risk life and limb to fight for our great country.

On behalf of my entire family, we can’t thank you enough.

2. See Reason #1 Above

I recently came across this video from Restore Warriors (a division of the Wounded Warrior Project) and it had me tearing up about halfway through.

I dare you to watch this without getting emotional, without being incredibly proud of this Marine named Justin, and without being amazed by the work of the medic saving his life while having to operate in a situation that none of can even fathom.

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3. Salt Strong will take Ellen Fishing

From all of the Ellen episodes we have seen, we haven’t come across one where she does a show on a boat…and we certainly haven’t seen Ellen catch a fish.

The closest thing to fishing we have seen from Ellen is playing Dory in Finding Nemo…

We would like to change that.

Ellen, this is your personal invitation to go on a fishing expedition with us.

4. It will impact tons of parents (your audience) about about the joys of fishing, the unique and unforgettable bonding time with their children while out fishing, the benefits of getting children outside to enjoy nature, and gaining a new respect for the water and conservation

There is a generation gap occurring with the youth in America right now…

More kids stay indoors, glued to their laptop, TV screen, X-box, Ipad, or phone than ever before.

Because of this, there are more obese kids in America than at any point in history, there are more kids that don’t have any respect for nature, the water, or the outdoors, and there are more kids that are never getting to experience one of the most important, sacred, and memorable experiences with their parents and grandparents…the joy of fishing.

Ellen, you have an audience of raving fans that would love to learn new tips on getting closer with their kids, on how to create incredible experiences with their children, and how to create a legacy that never is forgotten.

And we would like to help.

5. I will vow to never sing Lionel Richie’s “Hello” again for the rest of my life

Let me tell you, the day I walked into the recording studio near downtown Atlanta to record the “Hello” song, I kept wondering why I was doing this to myself.

Not to mention, I was wondering why I was going to hurt the ears of thousands of Americans, possibly upsetting Lionel Richie for butchering his song, and getting laughed at my fellow fishing peers.

I knew that I couldn’t sing…yet, there was something in the back of my head telling me that I had to do this.

Looking back, I am really glad that I took the time to sing the song and make the epic Hello Ellen” video with the help of my friends at Winter Haven High School (BDTV rocks!).

It turned out pretty awesome, and I have received countless emails and Facebook messages about how it made someone’s day…that is all that I needed to feel good about it.

However, I will quickly agree to never sing the song again if we make it on your show to promote March Fishing Madness and the Wounded Warriors.


When in doubt, go back to reasons #1 and #2…

And watch the video on the Marine named Justin for some inspiration today.

Thank you to everyone that has served in the Military…we don’t take you for granted here at Salt Strong.


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Nic Turner
5 years ago

Awesome! My father in law is a “Wounded Warrior”. Pretty heavy situation to be involved in as a human being. Our freedom is the real deal that comes with an unfortunate price tag.