Why An Online Fishing Course Caused Me To Lie To These Fishermen!

By: Joseph Simonds on March 30, 2016
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A Lie…

Yep, there I was… flat out lying about my recent fishing trip to some anglers that I just met…

But it’s not what you probably think…

You see, I wasn’t “exaggerating” my recent fishing trip like you’re probably accustomed to hearing in some of your friend’s far-fetched fishing stories.

For the first time in my life, I was actually lying to these guys by telling them I hardly caught any fish when in reality I did…


Let me explain.

The After Work Fishing Trip

online fishing courses

Luke with one of our multiple redfish that day (pre-beard as this true story happened last year before Luke started growing out his beard)

It was a weekday, so Luke and I spent most of the afternoon replying to emails, creating content, and doing the behind the scenes “daily dirty work” that goes on with any apparel business.

But when 4:00pm rolled around, we both looked at each other and agreed that it was time to hit the water and wet a line.

You see, we were down at our family condo in Placida next to the Gasparilla Marina that day, and no matter how bad we wanted to get things done on our website, it’s tough to be working where you can see the ocean and know you have a boat just 100 yards away in the water…

Now I won’t bore you with all of the fine details, but in the span of 90 minutes, the following things occurred that late afternoon:

  • Luke and I landed multiple redfish, multiple trout, and one snook
  • It was done on 100% artificial lures
  • All of the fish were caught within two miles of the Gasparilla Marina (we could have used kayaks to fish the areas we caught the fish)

We released all of the fish then came back in to hit the pool and have a beer.

And that’s when the fishing lie occurred…

The Pool Scene

online fishing courses

This is the pool (Boca Vista Harbor) where the true story takes place

As we came up from the dock to the Boca Vista Harbor pool, we could hear that a few other people were in the pool having a late afternoon cooldown as well.

Turns out it was four fellow anglers that had been out on the water since 8am that day, and they had just come back in from a long day out on the water.

My first question to one of the guys after hearing where they were from and that they had been fishing today was the standard…

“So how was the bite today?”

Here was his reply…

“Not very good. We spent most of the morning looking for bait. After not being able to net any decent live bait, we finally came back here to the marina to buy some shrimp. We hit up a few old spots that used to work for us, we hit the railroad trestle, and then we even tried a few mangrove lines…

the only thing we ended up catching all day was a few small snapper and a couple of catfish. It was a pretty frustrating day…”

Anyone else ever had a day like this? I know I have in the past…

My next question was did he try any artificial lures (because that is primarily all I use now).

His reply…

“Why use artificial lures when we could use live bait? The only way to catch the fish around here is with live bait…”

After a couple seconds of awkward silence, one of his buddies in the pool asked me,

“So how did you do today?”

I froze.

Do I tell them the truth and rub it in that we caught an inshore slam in just the last 90 minutes on artificial only?


Do I lie and tell him it was a slow day to make him feel good?

After a split-second hesitation, I said,

“We just went out to do some quick exploring for some new spots. Saw a few fish on the flats but didn’t really catch anything…

After the incident was over and I walked past their two trucks that were loaded down with what must have been 30 rods, a few monster tackle boxes, and enough gear in the bed of the truck to start their own tackle store…

Then, when I was upstairs in our condo, I started asking myself…

Why Didn’t I Tell These Guys About The Fishing Secret That Completely Changed My Inshore Fishing Game?

Now if you haven’t heard my story in my prior blog posts, here are the bullet points:

  • I grew up a very avid fisherman (both freshwater and saltwater)
  • I fished pretty religiously every week that I could all throughout high school
  • I continued to freshwater fish through college in Atlanta, GA, and I went down to Florida to fish with my brother, dad, and the rest of the family at least 3-4 times per year
  • After college, I had the opportunity to travel the world with business trips, and most of my fishing was done through high-end charters in exotic places (where I did no work but reel in nice fish), in conjunction the 1-2 time per year trip back down to Florida
  • Upon getting married and starting a family in Atlanta (then moving to Austin, Houston, and back to Atlanta) my fishing went from top of mind to maybe once or twice per year…
  • And I’m almost embarrassed to admit, but when I finally started getting back into the inshore fishing game just a couple of years ago, the last thing I would call myself was “consistent” when it came to catching inshore fish after being gone from the game for so long…

Any of this sound familiar to you?

I have to imagine I’m not the only one that has had a family and/or a stressful job that sucked up so much of my time that catching consistent fish became harder and harder.

But I’m also pleased to tell you that all of that changed for me in a very short amount of time.

What was the secret?

The secret to me getting consistent results while targeting redfish, snook, and trout was going through my brother Luke’s online fishing course “The Inshore Slammer”.

And as much as my brother Luke and I are competitive (and I hate to admit he is better than me at something), he is bar none one of the most gifted anglers I’ve ever met.

In fact, he could be one of the best inshore fishing coaches in the country.

For instance, in just a two month period of time, he transformed me from not even remembering what knots to tie or lures to use, to catching inshore slams on 100% artificial lures like it was nothing.

We even had ten back-to-back days of inshore slams between the two of us last March (all in a 2-3 hour period of fishing each day).

In other words, all of this newly found inshore fishing success was kind of new to me when the “Pool Scene” occurred last year.

Who was I to tell these guys how to be better anglers when I had just recently found the secrets to catching consistent fish?

So you can probably understand from my perspective that part of me wasn’t sure how they would react if I started preaching to them about some new online course that changed my fishing life (after they just told me they had basically been “Skunked” on an 8-hour fishing trip).

And the other part of me wasn’t 100% sure that Luke’s online fishing course could work for everyone…

I mean, it certainly changed my life in terms of catching more inshore fish in less time… and I also knew of a handful of other anglers that said Luke’s course had been the biggest game-changer to saving them time while out on the water….

But at the time of this story, there weren’t enough anglers that had gone through the course and given Luke candid feedback yet to let me know with 100% certainty that it could work for any inshore angler, regardless of where they live.

So I just stayed silent and kept my mouth shut that day…

Fast forward to today, I wish I could find those guys again and tell them how this online fishing course has disrupted inshore fishing for numerous anglers on both coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

I wish I could have helped them out and shown them my brother’s secrets with confidence.

Had I known that Luke’s course truly could work, I would have been able to respond honestly with tons of confidence.

In fact, here are just a handful of the testimonials from fellow anglers that have gone through this Risk-Free online inshore fishing course that I wish I could have shown those guys at the pool that day…

Salt Strong Online Fishing Course Testimonials

online fishing course

“Luke, I am somewhat new to this red fishing thing (just moved to JAX FL about 6 months ago from Australia, originally from Idaho) and have been out trying for them like crazy. I have caught a few in the last few months, maybe 10 or so and only 1 slot fish ever. After studying your information for the last couple of days I went out today (after a cold front) – I had 6 spots picked out, had my 3” new penny gulp shrimp, and was mentally ready with all the new information. Well, guess what – first 30 minutes I had a slot red. 10 minutes later another slot red. I had so much fun I kept fishing and letting them go – I had 5 reds in about 3 hours. Most fun fishing since moving to FL.”

Jason – Jacksonville, FL

“Luke is a very knowledgeable guy, I had the opportunity to fish with him after signing up for the Inshore Plus membership and it was an eye-opening experience. His approach to keeping things simple yet effective is flat out productive. Using the exact lure set up he talks about in the video I was able to land a ~33-inch snook from my kayak. And within 30 minutes had another (unknown) fish hit so hard my leader to braid knot failed (my fault for tying it sloppy in a hurry). I used to spend too much time and energy on “what to fish with” and this site helps you realize that these guys pretty much give you that answer. Once they cut the “fat” from your tackle box, they give you the tools to find the fish.”

Josh V – St. Petersburg, FL

“I have learned more for watching you videos than the guides I have been with.”

Robert S. – New Mexico

“I feel like your site helped me catch more and bigger fish than folks who have lived here a long time or that fish a more “traditional” way. Not that it’s only about catching more and bigger fish but I think it proves you guys know what you’re talking about. Y’all were really the only guys to tailor your information around fishing artificials. That was exactly what I was looking for.”

Sam Lynch – St. Peterburg, FL

“For me, the Inshore Slammer course has been a powerful tool in helping me understand flats fishing. Using the information from the course combined with my own knowledge and experiences on the water has produced some great fishing days. I’d have to say I’ve been catching about 98% of all of my reds on the lures you recommend. Your map tips opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t notice before. Also, I never thought to use different satellite images to compare to. That showed me even more things that I was missing out on.”

Tony A. – Orlando, FL (fishing Indian River Lagoon)

“Purchased the Inshore Slammer video course from Salt Strong yesterday and it paid off immediately! Three tips I implemented today made a huge difference. 24 inch speckled trout and three redfish one over slot. Location is still key but don’t underestimate this chance to change a skunk day to a slam day. I almost hit the slam but didn’t see a snook all day. I figured I knew most things on the course and i did but 3 things made a BIG difference. Thanks Simonds Bros!”

Jerod P – Tampa, FL

This has officially become the most impactful product I have ever purchased, a spot previously occupied by my iPhone.
I started watching your videos about 3 weeks ago and became hooked. I couldn’t get enough. I finally made the leap and purchased the Inshore Slammer Course three days ago. I figured I couldn’t lose, because the free videos I had watched were already worth much more than the price of the entire course.
So, I watched all of the videos in marathon sessions and couldn’t wait to get out on the water. The weather was a little nasty for a couple of days, and I was shaking. I went out and bought a few of the recommended plastics, searched Mapquest and Google for likely spots, and put new braid on the reel.
Last night we had a break in the weather, so I decided walk out onto the dock and throw a few to the fish. I caught 8 trout in the first 10 casts! I got so excited I decided to get up early this morning and take out the kayak. I had the most productive day of fishing ever.
I caught so many trout (I lost count around 25 and probably had at least that many more), I caught my second and third redfish of all time, a good sized flounder, some mangrove snapper, and to top it off, the biggest snook I have ever caught, 29 inches.
I cannot express how grateful I am. You guys are the best.
Thanks Salt Strong

Trey – Florida

Hey Luke,
I actually ran into you at the boat ramp off of cockroach bay road earlier today. I was meeting a few friends who were back home from college and we were going out fishing – they were missing the Florida water and sunshine. (Sidenote, I never thought I would get these people on a boat to fish because of how not made for it they are.) Well I woke up god-awfully early this morning and bought 3 dozen shrimp at the Ruskin bait and tackle shop and even threw a cast net at some small bait fish. I have never been to cockroach bay before and just decided I was probably good to wing it. When they arrived, we noisily got on the boat and motored off. For the first hour and a half we burned through about a dozen shrimp ($5 worth) and a couple small bait fish I managed to grab with absolutely no return. I tried chumming and switching spots but nothing was working. Now, according to my friends, I’m the kid that lives to fish. I do it all the time, from Tarpon in Boca Grande to small bass in a pond. So, as you could imagine, it was pretty embarrassing for me to be sitting out there with them saying “fish should be here, it’s high tide and we’re at the mangroves, there’s perfect structure here, etc…” Well one of my friends trying to be cool said “do something different” and so I did. I got out my soft plastics (root beer stinky fingers shad on a chartreuse jig head for murky water where we were) and I pulled up Google maps on my phone. I did what you guys said to do and picked 5 good places according to shifting tide, sunlight, and wind coverage. We started working along these five places and as the day progressed, we boated what seemed like an entire school of snook, a few trout, a lady fish, 2 flounder (1 was even a keeper), and I found my redfish for the day. I got 2 people who have never casted a rod to start catching multiple fish on artificials to the point that they asked me to do it again. Not to mention that it was during winter after a cold morning rain. And on top of it, I saved my dignity amongst my peers while having an awesome time on the water.

I’m not telling you all of this because I think that it’s necessarily something to brag about for me – I just wanted to share this story with you because I think it is important that you and your brother know that what you do is awesome and incredibly helpful. Today was living and breathing proof. I was at the same boat ramp fishing for the same fish and managed to work out a great day of fishing and even spread the fishing spirit with people who didn’t have it already. I haven’t even taken the big course yet but the things y’all do on your website (both videos and tips pages) basically have proven that what I was doing before was wrong and you guys definitely have it figured out – which helps out people like me immensely. Like I said, what you guys do it awesome, and I’d  like to thank you for saving my behind today. Keep up the good work (it doesn’t go to waste.)

God bless (and pa-pow),


PS – My uncle loved the no bananas on board shirt, especially because he is the only charter captain on the face of the earth that brings bananas on board purposely and still manages to win tournaments all the time. Great stuff!

Cade – Tampa, FL

Are You A Fit?

online fishing course

Who Luke’s Inshore Slammer Online Fishing Course Is NOT For

Let’s be honest, there is not a single online course that is for everyone, so let’s cut right to the chase and tell you who this fishing course is NOT for:

  • It’s not for anglers that aren’t coachable and just keep reverting back to the old ways that don’t work
  • It’s not for anglers that aren’t interested in catching more Redfish, Snook, and Gator Trout
  • It’s not for anglers that only want to use live bait for inshore fishing

Who Luke’s Inshore Slammer Online Fishing Course Is For

On the other hand, there is a certain type of angler that can richly benefit from this amazing online fishing course for inshore anglers:

  • Weekend warrior inshore anglers
  • Any angler that respects their time and understands the value of time savings
  • Any angler that wants to catch MORE inshore fish in LESS time WITHOUT having to rely on live bait

Click here to start the online fishing course Risk-Free


Catching consistent inshore fish isn’t easy if you aren’t a full-time charter captain and on the water every day (and even then, it’s not always easy).

And for those of us weekend warriors, it’s even tougher if we don’t have a proven blueprint.

Don’t be like the anglers that I met in the pool that would rather risk being skunked after 8 hours in the hot sun than spend a few dollars to learn some proven tricks.

If you respect your time (and realize that wasted hours on the water is lost time and money), then I highly encourage you to take my brother Luke’s online fishing course called “The Inshore Slammer”

It’s only $7, and he even has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

If you aren’t consistently catching more fish in less time after taking his 3-hour course, you get all of your money back. That simple.

Click here to take the risk-free course today.

Fish On!

P.S. – If you think any of your angler friends or fishing networks would like benefit by seeing this, please Tag them or Share this with them. They will thank you for it.

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