UNSINKABLE Hats Are Back In Stock!


If you’ve ever had your hat blow off in the water, then you’re going to love this hat.

The unsinkable hat truly lives up to its name… it’s unsinkable!

Sure, some hats float, but this one cannot be sunk, so you’ll never lose it on the bottom of the bay.

And the best news is that, although it’s been sold out for a while now, it’s finally back in stock!

Here’s a quick video showing that it really is unsinkable:

Note: these are going to go fast, so be sure to get yours today!

Unsinkable Hats Are Back [VIDEO]

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Here’s a direct link to get the unsinkable hat:

➡ Salt Strong Unsinkable Hat

Cheers to no more losing hats at the bottom of the bay!

Tight lines!

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Ken Callon
2 years ago

I have a small head. The strap is 2-3 ” long after secured and flops around. Your Manufacturer needs to add some velcro. https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f44d

Brian Keith Stolley
2 years ago

The hat is great! Mine is tried, tested and true. It’s been blown off my grape into the drink many a time. The salt and sun turned the brim and front to a manly dusky brown while the Salt Strong patch and the netting of the cap stay black. It’s been covered with blood, guts, and sunscreen. After all it’s been through, it’s still in excellent condition. No hat I’ve ever had has held up like this one.

Thomas Marks
2 years ago

No doubt it is one of the, if not the best hat. I have lost quite a few hats over the years as a charter captain. I had my unsinkable hat blow off and it floated! I got it back! It’s my hat of choice when I am out on the water.

Jim Scott
2 years ago

I am a brimmed hat person, not a ball cap person. Is there a brimmed hat version available?

Ken Willcoxon
2 years ago

I love my unsinkable salt strong hat. Best hat I have ever owned. I was loosing hope they would never be available again. I order that this afternoon and you Have already shipped them. Awesome service, I love being an insider member. Now if you just get the Texas eye jig heads back in. God-bless both you and your families, Thank you for all you do for us.

2 years ago

Kind of irritating that I watch the video and you don’t mention the price. I assume because you were Leary of saying what the price is, it must be way to expensive for me. No thanks. :-).

Darrell Howell
2 years ago

Noggin… You must be below the Mason dixon line. My best to Salt Strong.

jay calkins
2 years ago

what about a hat for us cowpie types?

Jefferson Foreman
2 years ago

Can we get it in a color that is not Black… Draw Heat right straight to the noggin… a wide brimmed hat would be right up my alley….
Thanks for what you guys are doing. I love the content and store.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jefferson Foreman
Ricardo Caso
2 years ago

Joe you crack me up! Only you could combine hat and marinate. I was watching one of your many videos the other day and my wife walked in. After a few minutes of silence she laughed and said “Oh he must have been a handful as a kid” and then walked away. I would love to see a Salt Strong branded big brim straw hat. Any chance of offering them?


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