Salt Strong Blamed For Recent Increase In Strong Anglers (At The Expense Of Carrots)!

By: Joseph Simonds on November 10, 2015
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Oh Boy…

We finally did it…

The recent Salt Strong “Angler’s Day Holiday” sale not only sold a record number of our popular “Vegetarian Fishing” shirts, but it has also sharply increased the number of Strong Anglers in America… some would say at the expense of carrots…

And it was all due to this amazing Vegetarian Fishing shirt design that is letting the world know the owner of the shirt is a Strong Angler…

vegetarian fishing shirt

Notice the Salt Strong “S” as the hook holding the carrot!

Well, as we see it, we have three choices today:

  1. Back down and let vegetarians win so we don’t risk offending someone that doesn’t approve of fishing
  2. Ignore any “Carrot Noise” and continue selling the fun and popular Vegetarian shirts at normal price
  3. Pile it on by not only continue selling the Vege t-shirts and Performance shirts, but start selling them at 20% off

What did we decide?

To Pile It On!

For a Limited Time, take 20% off ALL Vegetarian Fishing apparel at Salt Strong.

Anglers, this is your chance to:

  • Support Fishing.
  • Your chance to own a Vegetarian Fishing shirt today to let the world know that you are a Strong Angler!

Click here now to see all of the 20% Off options!

P.S. – If you think your angler friends would like these shirts, please Tag them or Share this with them. It would mean a lot to us. 

P.P.S. – For the record, we don’t hate carrots, but we do love fishing more than carrots.

Fish On!

Disclaimer: No vegetarians, carrots, people, or animals were hurt in the making or production of the Salt Strong Vegetarian Fishing shirts. 

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Grab your very own Salt Strong Vegetarian shirt today at 20% off (while Supplies Last).

Support Fishing and show everyone that you are a Strong Angler!

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