The Best Way To Cook Salmon [10 Amazing Salmon Recipes]

By: Joe Simonds on April 10, 2017
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best salmon recipes

It’s Salmon Recipe Time!

After our incredibly popular mahi and grouper recipes posts (see them below), we’ve had some requests to curate some of the best salmon recipes on the web.

So we did some searching online and came up with these 10 best ways to cook salmon (at least the ones that caught my eye and sounded absolutely amazing).

Why salmon?

Well, salmon is one of the most popular fish to eat in America.

Salmon is also one of the most nutritious types of fish to add to your diet. It supplies iron, zinc, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, in addition to a whole host of other nutrients you need for good health.

And as you learned in school, eating two or three servings of fish a week is a simple way to improve your health and stave off certain illnesses and diseases (take that you vegans!).

Here are the top 10 salmon recipes (in no particular order)

1. Baked Salmon with Herbs & Lemon

baked salmon with herbs and lemon

Image source:

Every type of fish needs to have a solid “baked” recipe.

Well, this baked salmon recipe won’t disappoint.

The combination of the low oven temp and fresh herbs prevent the salmon proteins from seizing up, keeping it tender and silky. It also helps in reducing an overly fishy taste which can be off-putting to some. 

This way of making salmon also helps in reducing an overly fishy taste (so anyone who claims they don’t like fish because it’s “fishy” should love this. 

As you will see in the full recipe below, the fish stays super moist by placing a pan of water in the oven. This helps to keep the salmon juicy and tender; it will still flake, but, silky folds.

Baked salmon = delicious!

Click here to get the full baked salmon recipe

2. Grilled Salmon Skewers. Oh, Snap These Look Good!

best salmon recipes

Image source:

Doesn’t this picture make you want to grill some salmon kabobs!

Here’s what we’ve got here:

  • Alaska sockeye salmon
  • Slices of lemon onto wooden skewers
  • Drizzled olive oil
  • Some salt and pepper
  • And then put the skewers on the grill!

This is a must try salmon recipe.

Click here to get the full salmon skewer recipe.

3. Pan Seared Salmon

best salmon recipes

Image source:

Large Skillet?


Fresh Salmon?


Salt, pepper, lemon, salt, olive oil, and capers?


Then you are ready to enjoy this amazing salmon recipe.

I love this one because it’s one of the easiest and quickest (10 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking) to make.

Click here for the full Pan Seared Salmon recipe.

4. Maple Salmon

maple syrup salmon

This “Maple Salmon” is one of the most popular salmon recipes online.

And it’s probably not a surprise… maple syrup makes everything taste better!

This is also a very easy recipe to recreate. Just takes some maple syrup, a little soy sauce, some garlic, ground pepper, and fresh salmon.

Click here to get the full maple syrup salmon recipe.

5) How To Cook Salmon in the Slow Cooker

best salmon recipes

Image source:

Time to get some more use out of your Crock-Pot!

Not only is this slow cooked salmon recipe pretty amazing, but it’s also a great way to ensure tender, succulent salmon every time (no matter how many fillets you’re cooking). 

I haven’t personally tried this one yet, but it will be the next thing that I slow cook in my Crock-Pot. Can’t wait!

Make a Slow-Cooker Sling

Salmon is really delicate after cooking it in a Crock-Pot.

To make it easier to lift it out of your deep slow cooker, line it with aluminum foil or parchment paper. When cooked, lift everything up by the foil or parchment, tipping slightly as you lift so the liquid drains back into the pot.

Click here to get the full slow-cooker salmon recipe

6) Smoked Salmon Dip

smoked salmon dip recipe

Image source:

This is one of the best salmon recipes for appetizers, as even your guests who usually “don’t love fish” will scarf this down.

It certainly doesn’t taste “fishy,” and it’s also pretty easy to make.

Serve it up with your favorite crackers, chips, or even celery and you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to see the full smoked salmon dip recipe.

7) Simple Salmon Teriyaki

best salmon recipes

Image source:

What would a top salmon recipe blog post be without a teriyaki salmon recipe!

Similar to the maple salmon recipe and the grilled salmon recipe (#9 below), this is one of the more popular recipes because it is very easy to make.

It also goes great with lots of different side dishes, making this a great recipe to always have available.

Click here to get the full teriyaki salmon recipe.

8. Grilled Salmon (With Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Marinade)

grilled salmon with soy sauce and brown sugar

Image Source:

My personal favorite way to cook salmon is on the grill after it has been marinating in soy sauce (or Dale’s sauce) and some brown sugar.

In fact, my friends and family claim my grilled salmon is some of the best they have ever had in their lives.

The best news is that it’s a very easy recipe to follow and it doesn’t take very long to grill (depending on the size of your salmon fillets).

At any rate, I highly encourage all of you men (and women) to try this one out on the grill.

Click here to get the full recipe.

9) Salmon Scrambled Eggs and Toast

best salmon recipes

Image Source: Faith Hopler

Have you ever tried salmon scrambled eggs?

Whether it’s your leftover salmon from the night before or brand new salmon from the store, it’s hard to go wrong when you mix it in with eggs.

The best news is that there isn’t even a recipe for this. If you can scramble eggs then you can make this dish.

Simply do the following:

  1. Pre-cook the salmon (using any of the methods in the previous recipes)
  2. Drench it with butter
  3. Slow scramble the eggs with the salmon
  4. Throw in any of your favorite scrambled eggs ingredients (salt, pepper, cheese, spinach, etc)
  5. Eat and enjoy!

10) Nutty Lemon-Herb Brown Rice With Avacoda And Wild-Caught Salmon

best salmon recipes

Image source:

This recipe caught my attention because the author claims it was the fish recipe that finally convinced her 17-month old child to love and start requesting fish for dinner.

By the looks of it, who wouldn’t like this meal?

And talk about being an omega-3 power-packed dinner. Wowzers!

This is an incredibly healthy salmon recipe that will give you tons of energy and lots of smiles from your family and guests.

Click here to get the full recipe.

Bonus Salmon Recipe: Crispy Salmon Skin (Aka Salmon Bacon)

best salmon recipes

Image source:

Salmon Skin Cooked Correctly = tastes like Bacon

Yes, those really are pieces of salmon skin. Look pretty amazing, huh?

You can add these salmon skin pieces to anything from salads to rice to mashed potatoes.

When cooked correctly, it really does taste like bacon (some even say better than bacon)

Salmon skin bacon lovers unite!

Click here to get the full salmon skin recipe.


Which one of these salmon recipes was your favorite?

More importantly, which one are you going to try first?

I think I’m going to try the salmon skin bacon and tell my kids what it is after they have eaten quite a bit of it. I bet they love it.

Any other salmon recipes that we missed?

Let us know in the comments.

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