Bottom Fishing For Grouper – Tips & Lessons (Podcast)

It’s Grouper Time!

In this podcast interview, I wanted to change things up a bit…

An experiment if you will.

Let me explain.

We recently spent a few days filming an entire step-by-step bottom fishing for grouper fishing course with Capt. Dylan Hubbard of Hubbard’s Marina.

But instead of having Capt. Dylan on, I wanted to get Tony Acevedo on to explain everything he learned in those three days.


Because Tony had never caught a single grouper in his life prior to this trip (he’s an inshore fishing kayak pro – rarely goes offshore).

So I wanted to have Tony on to show you just how much can be retained by watching a single Salt Strong online fishing course one time (even though you get access to any course for LIFE).

And I’ve got to say that Tony nailed it!

Not only did he retain a ton of information, he was able to regurgitate it back and give some great tips on catching grouper.

Wait til’ you hear it below.

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Grouper Mastery (With Capt. Dylan Hubbard)

I can’t wait for you to see Grouper Mastery when it comes out in late June/early July (we’ve got a ton of editing to do – caught A LOT of fish and filmed almost 12 hours per day for 3 days).

In the meantime, enjoy Tony talking about everything he learned in the course.

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Grouper Fishing 101 – Podcast Episode

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Any questions on bottom fishing for grouper?

Let us know below in the comments.

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Tight lines!

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Fred Lane
2 years ago

I wanted to comment on offshore fishing. I am not a master at it, but I have done it, and I am going share local knowledge on the subject. I do know that you catch grouper year round at the skyway fishing Pier ( Pier has much structure under neath it ), and the Tampa Bay shipping channel ( channel has rocks on the edge of the channel ). Both can hold grouper year round. You always want reel your lines as fast as you can, for two reasons not one. One you want to get fish out of the structure, or you will be cut off. Two there are usually larger fish seeking fish, you got them out of the structure and they see it as easy prey. Most commercial fisherman favor 45 feet of water. The reefs on the government website are usually reefs formed by the government, and a way to easily not polute, but to make use, and get rid of debris. The skyway, and shipping channel the grouper favor pin fish. You do have to be very aggressive at first after they get tired you can catch your breath so to speak. I just thought I would update you with what I have learned. Going Saturday to the skyway fishing Pier. Cheaper than boating, and I will be right above many reefs. Well catch you later.


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