The Evolution Of Fishing Clubs In America (VIDEO)


Hey there,

Would you like to see how fishing clubs have transformed and evolved in America over the last couple hundred years?

When I started doing some research on fishing clubs, I was blown away with the rich history of the some of the clubs in America.

Fishing clubs have been home to some of the legendary fishermen to ever cast a rod, and they’ve certainly been home to countless memories, fishing tales, and good times.

Hope you enjoy the video we put together below.

Fish On.

The Evolution Of Fishing Clubs In America [Full Video]

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Fishing Club Evolution (Full Text)

Did you know that fishing clubs have been around for well over 200 years?


200 years!

That’s 200 years of bonding around fishing, telling amazing fishing stories, sharing fishing tips, and being around people who get you and can relate to your love of fishing.

Just imagine how many cold beers, cigars, whiskey, and exaggerated fishing stories were consumed and shared over those two centuries…

If only the stuffed billfish on the walls could talk…

But did you know that there is a BIG problem with the “old school” fishing clubs today…


There is something that is currently disrupting the fishing industry and putting many of the old school fishing clubs completely out of business.

But before we get into that, can I share with you the history of fishing clubs in America real quick?

I think you’ll find it very interesting to discover how fishing clubs have transformed and evolved over the last 200 years…


Here goes…

About 200 years ago, the very first documented fishing clubs started showing signs of life.

In these early years, the clubs consisted of just a handful of hard-core fishermen who all fished in the same area and wanted an excuse to get away from their jobs so they could discuss fishing, share stories, and to be around friends who shared a common love for fishing.

Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

These early fishing clubs were open to men only, and they were pretty selective on who could join their club.

And it was these early pioneer anglers who would set the stage for something really BIG down the road.

Because starting in the early 1900s, fishing clubs began exploding everywhere… from England to Australia to Scotland to here in America…

And by the early 1930s, in just America alone, fishing clubs started expanding like crazy to give fishermen an outlet to talk about fishing and get their mind off of the bad times during the Great Depression.

Before you knew it, you could hit any city from Key West all the way up to New York and find a fishing club filled with happy fishermen who loved their tribe.

Want to know what the fishing club meetings looked like?

Well, some clubs met in the back room of restaurants, some at bars or pubs, some at marinas or boat ramps, and some of them even had their own clubhouses…

What’s interesting is how incredibly different all of these fishing clubs were…

Some clubs consisted of just a handful of fishermen, while some had hundreds of members.

And regarding the investment, some of these fishing clubs were pretty open to any and all local anglers for a small annual membership fee…

While others had long waiting lists and were incredibly exclusive and expensive.

In fact, some of the most exclusive fishing clubs were thousands of dollars to join.

Would you like to know why fishing clubs were so popular and in demand in America?

Well, fishing clubs exploded in popularity for the same reason we join any group, network, or club.

It’s because we all CRAVE belonging to something bigger than ourselves…

Since the earliest days of cavemen who joined small tribes to help each other survive, we have been hard-wired to crave belonging to a group, to a network, to a tribe, to a club…

And just like our ancestors, we fishermen all want to join and belong to a community, tribe, or club of like-minded anglers where we can share tips, share stories, have FUN, and be around people who are as passionate about fishing as we are.

Being part of a club or a tribe means you stand for something…

That you are part of a family….

And that you can trust the members in your club to help lift the entire fishing club to become more consistent anglers.

It’s like being part of a fraternity or a family where everyone has each other’s back and where your fellow fishing club members go out of their way to help you out when it comes to fishing.

But unfortunately for these original “old school” fishing clubs, it wasn’t all tight lines and high fives…

You see, back in the old days of fishing clubs, there was A BIG PROBLEM looming…

Let me explain.

To give you an idea how these original fishing clubs operated, most of the clubs only met once per month…

And besides the monthly meetings, they would also host an annual banquet or fishing tournament for their members.

So in a given year, you would interact, have fun, and get value from your club 13 times in a year.

Some clubs did meet bi-monthly meetings…

Giving them upwards of 25 opportunities to enjoy the club every year.

At first, this worked out well because back in the day’s TV didn’t exist (so after work entertainment options were very limited), the fishing magazines weren’t really a thing yet, and the only way to talk about and hear about fishing tips and tactics was to join a fishing club.

So even if it meant only getting value from the club a dozen times per year, it was better than nothing.

However, as I mentioned, a couple of BIG problems started rearing their heads…

The first problem was that anglers had to pay their full membership dues even if they only made a couple of the meetings for the year.

Because let’s face it, even back 80 years ago people had jobs, had families, had vacations, and had things come up.

This meant that many of the members were only getting benefit from 20-50% of what they paid for.

And if they missed the annual party or tournament due to work, sickness, or some other unseen issue that came up, they kind of missed out on a big chunk of the club’s benefits.

Can you begin to see part of the issue here?

If you are anything like me, when you invest in something, whether it be investing in a fishing club or investing in a new boat or kayak, you want to make sure you receive value.

You deserve nothing less with your money.

So this was strike #1 for the old school fishing clubs.

But the BIG PROBLEMS hadn’t reared their ugly heads just yet…

Things were about to get really tough for many of these old school fishing clubs…

It was a one-two punch they never saw coming…

Want to know what happened next?

The first punch was the introduction of TVs in the house.

Once TVs became as common as a front door in people’s houses, American homes were now a place to hang out due to all of the exciting new channels and new programs to watch…

And before you knew it, you could watch fishing shows right from your couch or lounge chair!

No more having to wait a full month just to meet up in the back room of a Golden Corral or smoke-filled pub to talk about fishing…

But TV didn’t kill the old school fishing clubs by any means…

However, most of the old school fishing clubs weren’t as appealing as they used to be…

Of course, there were certainly some exceptions such as the West Palm Beach Fishing Club which continues to thrive as an “old school” fishing club, but many of the traditional fishing clubs started shrinking…

Want to know what the next blow was?

This next blow was even worse…

And very few clubs, communities, or even brick & mortar businesses saw it coming.

Can you guess what it was?


The Internet.

Just like Netflix knocked out brick and mortar movie supplier Blockbuster…

And how Amazon took down the massive Borders Bookstore…

The Internet started eating away at the old school, traditional fishing clubs.


Because fishermen now had more access to fishing information than ever before…

Just one click away…

And with the rise of the Internet, there were now more options for pretty much EVERYTHING in life.

More options for quick entertainment than our fishing ancestors could have ever dreamed of!

This also meant that there was easier access to every fishing topic imaginable.

And while this technology explosion was occurring, another important trend started happening in America…

Families started fishing together more than ever before.

It was now common to see females out fishing…

Females out guiding boats…

And even females out-fishing many of the men.

These “all boy’s fishing clubs” started to lose their luster as women and kids wanted to spend more time with their husbands and fathers out on the water.

The combination of TV, Internet, and family fishing time was the PERFECT STORM to disrupt many of the old school, all-male, meet once or twice per month, fishing clubs…

And then one final wave came crashing down and washed out many of the traditional fishing clubs…


You probably already know this, but today you can find pretty much any fishing tip or topic with just a few clicks from a device that fits in your hand.

Even though we still crave belonging to a tribe, the benefits of all this exciting technology trumped many of the once a month fishing club meetings.

Let’s face it, YouTube is pretty awesome.

You can search for practically anything and see instant video footage on the topic.

In the beginning, almost all of the YouTube video content involving fishing was pretty legit.


Because very few fishermen had access to nice cameras, microphones, and editing software…

So most of the early fishing content on YouTube was done by professionals and was pretty good.

But then something came along that disrupted it all…

Camera phones.

And the left hook right behind camera phones was the GoPro.

Camera phones and GoPros gave every weekend warrior, first timer, and even complete fishing googans UNLIMITED access to have their own YouTube channel where they could post their fishing exploits.

All of a sudden, YouTube was literally FLOODED with fishing videos from anglers of all levels, and there were countless videos on every species of fish imaginable.

And all of this easy access to so much information brought in a whole new set of issues.

You see, YouTube, and the Internet in general, was flooded with trash, spam, and conflicting information.

In fact, one study revealed that upwards of 50% of the information out on the internet today is either incorrect, misleading, or outright fake news.


That means even if you did have time to go through it all, half of it would be flat out wrong!

Here is what really happens when you do a YouTube search about fishing…

When you search for any fishing topic on YouTube, you are pretty much guaranteed to find the following three things…

  1. Clickbait headlines that have little or nothing to do with the topic you are looking for
  2. Completely wrong or misleading information.

As nice as it appears to be that you have access to so much information at your fingertips, it really is a major problem.


Because any angler in the 21st century who learns how to become a better fisherman by listening to 1,000 different dispensers of advice ends up lost and confused…

And in most cases worse off than before.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

No angler has ever become consistent from just watching free YouTube videos.

Anglers who get their fishing tips solely from all of the free stuff on YouTube end up with a patchwork of slightly incompatible ideas and advice all thrown together in a stir-fry… it never works.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look on YouTube and do a search for something pretty specific like “How to catch a redfish.”

That’s a pretty specific search.

Yet as of today, there are over 240,000 different videos for “How to catch a redfish.”


Let’s do some simple math.

If the average video is 5 minutes long, and we want to find out how many total minutes of watch time it is…

Then we take 240,000 x 5 = 1,200,000

1,200,000 total minutes.

If you take 1,200,000 minutes and divide it by 60 minutes to find out total amount of hours…

It comes out to 20,000 hours.

20,000 hours!

20,000 hours divided by 24 hours in a day comes to 833 days.

833 days just to watch every video on how to catch redfish on YouTube!

That’s 2.2 years of your life down the tube… (pun intended)

All just to watch every video on how to catch a redfish!

You don’t even want to know how much time it would take you to watch all of the videos for a broad search like “saltwater fishing.”

Let’s just say it would take many, many years of non-stop watching just to finish them all.

And the worse part is that you’d come out a more confused fisherman due to all of the conflicting and wrong information.

Want to know the good news about all of this information overwhelm?

This age of “Information Overwhelm” has actually opened up the door for some fishing clubs to explode in popularity again.


This age of information we are living in today created a demand for a new type of fishing club in particular…

Online Fishing Clubs.


Because technology has opened up the door for anglers of all experience levels to get more value from online fishing clubs than most old school clubs could ever offer.

All at the command of your fingertips…

365 days per year.

And because of the VAST amount of information out there (half of it wrong), fishermen who value their time would gladly invest a small amount to have someone cut through the fluff and deliver only the fishing tips that are truly proven to work.

Can I use you as an example?

Wouldn’t you rather have someone cutting through all of the clutter and showing you ONLY tips, tricks, and tackle that truly work in your area?

Wouldn’t you rather save hours, days, or even years of time to have someone deliver on the fishing information you really need to know so you can ignore the rest?

I know I sure would.

Not to mention, with online fishing clubs, anglers like you can get VALUE from the club 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Imagine being able to get any fishing question answered in just a matter of hours instead of waiting 30 days for the next meeting…

Imagine being able to watch a step-by-step “how to” fishing tip on any shortcut you are looking for right from your phone, tablet, or computer.



A fishing club that is open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year…

That’s just some of the power of these online fishing clubs.

With full access to the online family of fellow anglers, new fishing content and tips going up pretty much daily, and the ability for you to get any fishing question answered in a matter of minutes all from a phone, tablet, or computer…

It’s not hard to understand why online fishing clubs are exploding and have quickly taken over many of the traditional, old school fishing clubs.

In fact, today, most the fastest growing and most popular fishing clubs are online.

There is even one online fishing club that guarantees you will catch more fish and have more FUN out on the water while you are a member or you don’t pay.

More on that in a second.

But first, can we talk about the one thing that hasn’t changed?

Even with the rise of the Internet, YouTube, information overload, and all of the amazing technology coming out every year…

There is one thing that will simply never change.

Something that is hardwired into us just like a computer.

Do you know what it is?

It’s the need to belong to a tribe, a club, a family, or a community of like-minded people.

It’s the burning desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

It’s why fraternal organizations have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Heck, it’s the same reason why fishing clubs have been around for hundreds of years.

Let’s face it, we all want to belong to something and associate ourselves with something bigger than ourselves.

We all want to be part of a club…

We all want to belong to a family…

And as a fisherman, you deserve to be part of a community that “gets you.”

You deserve to have the best fishing tips at your fingertips.

You deserve to maximize your time on the water…

But here’s the deal when it comes to online fishing clubs.

You can join any number of free online fishing clubs…

Heck, I can point you in the direction of quite a few free ones right now.

But I can also tell you what you’ll find there.

You’ll find the same stuff you see in most of the free fishing forums, free Facebook fishing groups, and YouTube comments.

You’ll find negativity, bashing, trash-talking, bad information, keyboard fishing police, and inappropriate comments and pics.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough with the online fishing police and haters saying your fish was short, out of season, or that you had some other made up fishing infraction.

Listen, life’s too short to be around negative anglers.

And sadly, that is predominantly what you will find in the free online fishing clubs.

In a sentence, you get what you pay for.

Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, you’d gladly pay just a small investment to ensure that the riff-raff, hecklers, fishing police, and negative nancy’s never joined your tribe.

Do you recall that earlier I mentioned an online fishing club that actually guarantees you’ll catch more fish or it’s free?

Can I tell you about it real quick?

The club is called the Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club, and it really does have the BIGGEST & BOLDEST guarantee for any fishing club.

The guarantee is that you will catch more fish over the next 365 days or it’s 100% FREE.

You get value and have more FUN out on the water or you never pay.


No questions asked, no haggling.

But that’s not the only reason this fishing club is growing so fast and transforming so many fishermen.

You see, it’s also one of the only fishing clubs that reveal all of their inshore fishing spots.

But not for the reason you think.

You see, fishing spots are great and all, but let’s face it, spots are stagnant.

Spots don’t move.

But last time I checked, fish are not stagnant.

They move around.

Which is why most of the “fishing spot maps” out there aren’t very reliable year-round.

On the other hand, once you know the TRENDS behind the SPOTS, then you are armed with the same knowledge the pros use to consistently find feeding fish year-round.

And that’s exactly what the focus is of the weekly Insider Fishing Reports that all members receive…


In particular, helping you identify TRENDS in your area to find feeding fish year round.

This enables you to replicate new spots to catch fish year-round regardless if you fish in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, or anywhere in between.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits you’ll receive as a member of this Insider fishing club.

A few other reasons that everyone from newbies to hard-core weekend warriors to seasoned full-time fishing guides join the Insider fishing club is for the exclusive fishing tips, unbiased product reviews on all kinds of fishing equipment, and even discounts on popular fishing tackle or gear.

And all of it’s available you to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless if you are on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

So you receive value 365 days per year.

The Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club is where anglers come to get better.

It’s where anglers come to be around other fishermen that get them.

It’s where anglers like you come to get more consistent so you can outfish your friends and impress everyone with your fish pics.

Here’s what we’ve found out about Salt Strong Insider fishing club members over the past year…

They catch more fish..

They are more consistent than their fishing buddies…

And they have more FUN out on the water.

I bet by now you are wondering what the cost is.

Would you want to join if it was just $.27 per day?


Well, that’s the cost of this small investment.

27 pennies per day comes to just $97 for the ENTIRE year.

That’s less than most anglers spend on coffee every day.

And that $.27 per day includes unlimited access the fishing reports, the spots, the trends, the exclusive tips, the unbiased product reviews, the discounts, and the interactive community.

And there are even some amazing FREE BONUSES if you join today like a free custom Insider “cleat cup,” a Salt Strong flag, waterproof decals, and more.

So if you are ready to end frustrated days out on the water…

If you’re ready to start saving money so that you can spend it on fishing trips, travel, and new kayaks, boats, etc

If you’re ready to start saving lots of wasted time on the water…

And if you are ready to start out-fishing and impressing your friends with your new-found fish catching skills…

Then we’d love to have you as a member of this exclusive online fishing club.

Click this link or go to to apply to join the Insider Fishing Club now.

Listen, today, more than any other time in history, fishermen are craving to be part of a tight-knit tribe where they can share tips, share stories, share fish pics and videos, and be around people who “get them.”

There has also never been a point in history where we crave having the right solution…

Where we crave saving time because we value it…

Where we crave having someone cut through all of the crap and fluff out there and give us the right answer at our fingertips…

Listen, even if our online fishing club isn’t a fit for you or if you don’t qualify, I highly encourage you to join one.

But we really hope to see you on the Inside.

Click here to apply to join the Insider Fishing Club now.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about the evolution of fishing clubs in America.

Fish On.


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