These Tips & Lures Will Make You Dangerous At Any Snook Light.


It’s Snook Time!

With snook season just around the corner, we wanted to share some awesome snook light fishing footage (and snook light tips) with you.

This video comes from Salt Strong Insider, Capt. Justin Napior who fishes in the Naples/Marco Island area (follow him here on Instagram)

He and fellow Salt Strong Insider David Alicea had a blast catching snook on all kinds of artificial lures (including Capt. Justin’s secret weapon…), and even some flies.

Watch the video below to see some of their footage and snook tips from the other night.

Enjoy and tight lines!

Snook Light Fishing [VIDEO]

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Fishing the lights at night for snook is something the entire family can enjoy.

However, I will say (from experience) that it’s important to have your kids in life jackets if you take them at night (especially if the water is ripping).

There’s nothing scarier than a kid going overboard at night when you don’t have much visibility (and they usually are fully clothed at night).

But besides the safety factors, here are a few more tips for fishing the dock lights for snook:

  • Don’t cast into docks when the owners are sitting on the dock
  • Avoid getting on other people’s docks
  • Definitely don’t go poach a dock someone else is already fishing at
  • Regarding positioning your boat, get as far away as you can while still being in casting distance. Sometimes the snook bite is so hot it doesn’t matter how close you get, but you’ll certainly get more strikes if they don’t know you are there…

Hope you enjoyed the tips.

Any questions for Capt. Justin (make sure to give him a follow on Instagram and hire him if you ever want to slay some snook near Naples or Marco Island).

Note: We did some searching on Google for “Monte’s Jigs” and didn’t find much. I’m guessing these can only be found in Ace Hardware Stores near the Naples and Marco Island area.

What is your favorite lure for fishing the snook lights?

Let us know in the comments.

Fish On!

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Mark B
8 months ago

Curious if you can set up temporary snook lights? or must they be present for a long time in order to attract snook? Thanks

8 months ago
Reply to  Mark B

Great question! It is helpful, but they do not have to be on for many nights in a row to get results. For many docks, having lights on when the sun is going down will attract some good fish to it on the very first night.

Tim Keck
8 months ago

Salt strong. South Florida intracoastal and river that feeds into the intracoastal. These SNOOK are making a fool of me. I hunt Blue Marlin. I love to fish. Moved to North Palm Beach and have caught a few snook over a 3 year span when down here from Maryland. Northern ocean. I will catch the brunt of any fish on the last 2 hours of incoming tide and am done. These Snook are wearing me out. Fished every tide and caught a couple on blue YoZuri lure. And Tarpon. At dark with the dock lights on. The snook could be as many as 20 at a time but always 5 to 10 always. Switched to 3 different size shrimp. # different hook size. And all tides. Hook shrimp in 3 different positions. Let the shrimp swim to and from the shadows to the bright lights. Now and then i see them grab a swimming shrimp going by but laugh at mine. sometimes i bring the swimming shrimp to the snook. Could care less. Even looks like the snook move because the shrimp are annoying the snook. Even looks like the shrimp are chasing the snook. Yall got to help me. I get so tired of trying and that point i quit and go in and turn the TV test pattern on and watch the blue lights on the TV. H E L P H E L P ME HHEELLLPPP ME. ANYBODY. Thanks Tim ( true story. ) ANYBODY

8 months ago
Reply to  Tim Keck

Hey Tim, are you using live shrimp or lures? If lures, which ones? Are you fishing from the dock or from a boat casting towards the dock? What size line and leader are you using?

Gary Cox
3 years ago

what size tubing do the 3/8 oz jigs

Bill Clark
3 years ago

Great job, you make it look so easy!

Igor Umansky
3 years ago

Great job Jason, excellent information. Hope to try this when I get back to Marco in the fall.

gene muckridge
3 years ago

I’m looking to purchase some of these jigs to try on the east coast. Ace hardware is having trouble finding your video to see the colors. How can I buy some of these and have them shipped??

Perry J. Hodges
3 years ago
Reply to  gene muckridge

I can get them at my local ace hardware and ship to you if that would help. Or I could snap pictures for you. These lures are made here locally.

3 years ago

I found a lady out of one of the stores that researched it, and she think’s she has the right ones. She is sending me some, and I’ll let you know. Thanks. I was surprised she called me back. She gets a gold star for sure.

Perry J. Hodges
4 years ago

Sending you Monte’s tube jigs today.
Perry J Hodges
Bonita Springs, FL

George Workman
4 years ago

I lived at the Coast Guard housing at Jupiter lighthouse and we figured that on incoming tide casting a chartreuse soft bait with just a hook, just as it came into the light running with the current, we would get the most strikes. Good luck.

Justin Napior
Justin Napior
4 years ago
Reply to  George Workman

That’s awesome! All about finding out what they like.

Cam Allen
4 years ago

Great tips Cap! Thanks!

Justin Napior
Justin Napior
4 years ago
Reply to  Cam Allen

Thank you Cam! Glad you liked it.

Steve Mundell
4 years ago

Great video and great tips. What would you recommend to use the snook are there and chasing your lure and not hitting it? Also how far should u stay away from the lights?

Justin Napior
Justin Napior
4 years ago
Reply to  Steve Mundell

Thank you! Few things you can try.. you can change your retrieve on the lure you’re using , slow it down or speed it up .. If that still doesn’t work change the style of the lure, If you’re using something on top of the water change it to something that sinks down, you can try different colors , I have great luck with White personally . You can try tipping the lure with bait or using a sent spray. Also watch your tide for the spot you’re fishing, the spot I was fishing in this video if the current is moving the fish bite like crazy! Once the current starts to die down the bite almost always dies down as well. Hope this was helpful buddy!

Justin Napior
Justin Napior
4 years ago
Reply to  Justin Napior

And I would stay about 10 to 15 feet away. Definitely make sure you’re in the shadows. When you pull up to a spot if the fish are popping on top of the water and you pull up and they kinda turn off you got to close just back up a little bit and give it a minute.


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