Netting Live Bait

Below are tips on using nets to catch bait!

While throwing cast nets are the most common method for catching bait (see below on how to throw them like a pro!), there are several ways to use nets to fill your livewell with baitfish, shrimp, and even crabs!

Beginner Tactics For Catching Mullet With A Cast Net

What are the best tactics for catching mullet with a cast net? Live mullet is one of the best baits for reeling in redfish, seatrout, snook...
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It’s THIS Easy To Catch Live Baitfish Using Baitmasters Chum!

This is how EASY it is to catch live baitfish using Baitmasters Chum! Whether you're trying to catch pinfish, whitebait, grunts, or...
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What’s The Best Cast Net For Baitfish In Shallow Water?

What's the best cast net for baitfish in shallow water? In this video, we'll talk about the best size cast nets for small baitfish...
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How To Throw A Cast Net For Live Bait (Beginner Lesson)

Have you ever thrown a cast net for live bait before?? What's the best method for beginners? Going out to find and use your own live bait...
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This Is How To Catch Spooky Bait When Kayak Fishing Using A Cast Net

Are you struggling to catch live bait while fishing from your kayak? It is extremely important to have proper positioning and...
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How To Quickly Catch Bait In A Pinch

It’s live bait time! If you ever need some quick live bait in a pinch, Captain Peter Deeks is going to show a quick tip...
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