Terminal Tackle

Tackle Organization Tips: How To Keep Your Gear In Order

What are some practices you can instill into your everyday fishing procedures to stay organized? We all know you have a ton of terminal tackle,...
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Z-Man Texas Eye Finesse Jighead Review: Pros & Cons

Have you used the Z-Man Texas Eye Finesse Jighead yet? It is a smaller, lighter version of the Texas Eye Jighead that is best used for...
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Jigheads Vs. Weighted Hooks (How They Sink & When To Use)

What does a jighead vs. a weighted hook look like underwater? If you understand what each hook looks like underwater, then you will better...
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The Truth About Hook Sizes (And What You Need To Know)

Are all hook sizes the same no matter the hook manufacturer? In fact, they are NOT. Hook sizes vary by company with regards to...
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3 Must Have Hooks For Inshore Fishing (Rigging For Artificial Lures)

Are you using the 3 must-have hooks for inshore fishing? If you are using mostly artificial lures, you know that your hook is just as...
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Spro Bucktail Jigs: How To Rig Them & Where To Use Them

Have you tried the Spro bucktail jig? This jig can catch nearly every species of fish and is great for using around bridges and inlets.
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Trout Eye Jig Head Review (Pros, Cons, Colors, & When To Use Them)

Looking for a good jig head to rig your paddletails on? See the full review of these Trout Eye jig heads, including when to use them, what...
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Best Weighted Hooks For Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Want to know what the best weighted hooks for inshore fishing are? Weighted hooks are perfect for rigging lures in shallow water because...
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Fishing Hooks: Everything You Need To Know (Brands, Sizes, Types)

There are so many hook options to choose from, how do you know which one is best? Learn everything you need to know about hooks, including the best sizes...
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Here’s Why You Should Not Use Snap Swivels With Artificial Fishing Lures

Should you use snap swivels with artificial lures? It sounds like a good idea because it can save you time, but in reality, it can actually cost you...
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Ball Bearing vs. Traditional Swivel: Which Decreases Line Twists More?

Want to know how ball bearing swivels compare to traditional swivels in reducing line twists? Check out this experiment to see them go head to head.
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This Is The Only Time To Use A Swivel For Inshore Fishing

Do you want to know the truth about using swivels for inshore saltwater fishing? Then check out this post that explains when (and when NOT) to use a swivel.
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How To Properly Replace Treble Hooks With Inline Single Hooks [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the best way to replace your treble hooks with single hooks so that you get more bites? Then watch this new hook video showing the steps.
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