Happy New Year!

Do you have any fishing-specific goals for this year?

Any bucket list fish you plan on finally catching?

I’m excited for a new year and a fresh start, and to help you kick things off the right way, we’ve got some great fishing tips for you in this week’s newsletter.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • What happens if you ONLY use topwater lures for a year
  • The top 5 lures that work anywhere in the world
  • The easiest sheepshead rig out there
  • How to find fiddler crabs in the winter (even when the bait shops are out)
  • And more

Check them out below!

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Split Shot Rig: Simple, Easy & Quick Rig For Sheepshead

Looking for a great rig for sheepshead? The split shot rig is easy to tie, easy to use, and proven to catch fish. Plus, when you're fishing...
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The 1-Year Topwater Lure Experiment (RESULTS)

This guy used ONLY topwater lures for an entire year, and what he learned was incredible. From the best brands, sizes, colors, and seasons...
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How To Find Fiddler Crabs In The WINTER (For Sheepshead)

Fiddler crabs make great sheepshead baits. In the winter, fiddler crabs are toughest to find, but with just a little work, you can easily...
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What Size Mono To Use As Backing For Braided Line On Spinning Reels

Want to know what size mono backing to use on your spinning reel? If you put line that's too thick, it'll cause problems such as the braid...
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5 Saltwater Fishing Lures That Work Anywhere In The World

What are your top 5 favorite lures? Check this out to see which lures work worldwide, and what really matters when it comes to lure selection.
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Finding Productive Inshore Backwater Spots in the Winter [Spot Dissection – Spruce Creek, FL]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing types of areas to look for when fishing backwaters in the winter. The area shown as...
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Scary Covid-Like Disease Attacking Florida’s Largest Coral Reef!

Have you heard about this new threat to Florida's coral reef? Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease has infected about half of all coral reef...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Matt Lesley

Fishing with your spouse, introducing people to fishing, or catching a new species are memorable stories, but this angler did all 3 in...
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