5 Saltwater Fishing Lures That Work Anywhere In The World


It’s lure time!

If you had to pick just 5 lures to bring with you anywhere in the world, what would those 5 lures be?

That’s the question I asked Greg Vinall.

He’s spent the larger part of his life making lures, testing lures, and perfecting lures, and has Australia’s most popular podcast about catching fish with lures.

He also has a Ph.D. in ecology and knows a thing or two about fish biology and behavior.

This was a fascinating podcast as many of the things that work here in the states also work down in Australia.

Check out this podcast to learn:

  • His top 5 favorite fishing lures
  • Why the sound of the lure is so important (this stat blew my mind!)
  • How fish are so alike, no matter where they live
  • The truth about lure colors
  • And much more

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5 Saltwater Fishing Lures That Work Anywhere In The World [VIDEO]

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5 Saltwater Fishing Lures That Work Anywhere In The World [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with Greg Vinall aka “Doc Lures” from Australia about the 5 lures that work anywhere in the world:

1:45 – How Greg got the “Doc Lures” nickname

3:40 – The story of Greg’s first fish caught on his very own handmade lure as a kid

9:07 – Soft plastic paddletails: places to use them, how to rig them, sizes, favorite brands, and more

Mentioned brands:

Samaki Boom Bait Bomb Shad
Samaki Boom Bait Bomb Shad

16:30 – Topwater lures: favorite types, how to use them, using single inline hooks, and more

Mentioned brands:

Halco Roosta Popper
Halco Roosta Popper

19:55 – Shallow-running hard-bodied minnows: where to use them, what to target with them, and more

Mentioned brands:

  • Bomber Long A
  • Classic Barra
  • Tilsan Barra
Classic Barra
Classic Barra

23:20 – Hard baits vs. soft plastics: which style of lure is more popular

24:26 – Soft plastic shrimp: how to work them, best brands, and more

Mentioned brands:

30:08 – Soft plastic vibration bait: how and where to use them, and more

Mentioned brands:

  • Zerek Fish Trap
  • Samaka Thumper Tail
zerek fish trap
Zerek Fish Trap

34:09 – Best lure colors (and whether or not lure color actually matters)

34:40 – Why sound is so important for lures

35:55 – Why Greg likes contrasting colors so much

40:33 – The truth about saltwater catfish downunder

45:45 – Whether or not bucktail lures work in Australia


doc lures

What an awesome guy!

I love talking fishing with people in other countries and hearing what’s working.

For example, Greg mentioned the fact that fish hit on the drop and lure color doesn’t matter as much as profile and presentation, and we’re always preaching that here, too,

You can learn more about Greg below:

  • DocLures.com
  • Search “Doc Lures” on your favorite podcasting network

Have any questions about what we talked about?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Malcolm Hayward
8 months ago

In Europe, a must have. Sizes from small casting lure to sinker.
All paddle tails work well.
We invented them in Cornwall, for pollack and coalfish 40 years ago.
Colour to prejudice. “Spanked bottom pink” works for us now.
Before the EU stole all our fish, dark red or especially black was deadly.
Competition feeding then, especially over wrecks.
Rigged “flying collar” with the trace as long as the boat. Usually at 60 to 200ft.
Fish skillfully to avoid fights.
Never forget a humble strip of fish or squid attached to a lower Sabiki.
Malcolm Hayward.

8 months ago

I know befor you jump on me, the title of the Pod cast is “5 saltwater fishing lures that work anywhere in the world.” here in virginia i have caught more than a few speckled trout on a “freshwater #3 white mepps spinner bait.” I would like to know if any of you have ever tried using them in saltwater. i also would like to add, i really enjoyed this pod cast. a lot of good info. it was great.thanks Lee……..

David Johnson
8 months ago
Reply to  Lee

Lee, I fish the Piankatank, Great Wicomico, and the Rapp but I had never used an inline spinner. Never even thought about it. But will try in the spring.
Do you fish docks and grass beds with them?

8 months ago
Reply to  David Johnson

Yes, but you will hang up right much in the grass beds. It is the nature of the beast. LOL

Guy Stephens
8 months ago

Well done sir. Happy New Year:)

8 months ago

Great podcast, just an FYI the Slam Shady is already listed on the Z-Man website as a color option.

Dave Otte
8 months ago

Joe, this was awesome. He said basically the same things you and Luke have been teaching us for years now. This is confirmation to me that We can be a bigger global influence in the fishing world. Go for it Brother Joe, it’s your calling. You have been given a great gift because Joe Simonds is the one chosen to make it happen. Scary, maybe, but doable, of course!!!

George Pappas
8 months ago

Great POD cast!!! Very informative!!! I spent three months in Queensland while in the Marines. Australians love fishing just as much as we do in the US! Crazy how similar the fishing is to what it is here in Florida!

thomas Tyrkala
8 months ago

Great Show thank you so much

8 months ago

Very informative! I was expecting a spoon of some sort to make it into the top 5. I have fished with a long time guide in the Everglades for snook and that is what he uses 90% of the time with his clients. Easy to cast, good strike to hookup ratio and very durable. Any thoughts on the tried and true spoon?

Darin James O'Brien
8 months ago

This was a great conversation to listen to. Northern Australia has always been on my top hit list. Went right to Spotify and added his podcast to my list.

Art Heiter
8 months ago

This gentleman is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on the fishing sport. One hour barely scratched the surface of his proficiency. What a fascinating interview. Be really cool to see him fish Florida with you and Luke, as well as seeing you both fish with him in Australia. Something to look forward too…


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