What Size Mono To Use As Backing For Braided Line On Spinning Reels


When you’re putting braided line on your spinning reel, you always want to add some mono backing to the reel first.

Mono grips into the arbor (the center of the spool) much better than braid does and pretty much guarantees you won’t have issues with the line free spinning when you get a fish on.

But here’s a big question most people have about mono backing — what size mono do you use?

That’s a great question since using mono that’s too thick can cause your line to lay uneven and possibly break under pressure.

Check out the video below to see what size mono you should be using for your backing.

What Size Mono To Use As Backing [VIDEO]

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I like to use 8-10 lb. mono as backing for my spinning reels.

You can get away with 12 lb. mono, but I prefer to go lighter.

This is because the thicker the mono is, the more problems you’re likely to have.

Braid can slip in between thick mono more easily (and get tangled as it’s trying to come off the spool), and thick mono leaves a big knot on your spool (which can cause your line to lay unevenly).

Now here’s the big objection most people have about using light mono as backing: what if a fish gets me down to my backing? Won’t it just break me off?

Well, that should never happen in the first place.

You should have 150 yards of braid over your backing, which is plenty enough line to handle any fish you’ll come across inshore.

Yes, even 40 lb. bull reds can be brought in with this line provided your drag is set properly and you’re fighting the fish properly.

And if you’re going after 100 lb. tarpon, then you should be using bigger gear than a 2500 spinning reel!


save money on fishing line

You should use 8-10 lb. monofilament as backing for your spinning reel.

Any heavier than that and you start running into problems like your braid not laying flat along the backing or your braid getting caught in the mono to braid knot.

And if you think you’re likely to run into big tarpon or other fish that might be too much for your 2500 or 3000 size spinning reels, then come prepared with a larger reel to handle them.

You can check out this video for tips on how to put mono backing on your spinning reel:

And you can get 10 lb. Berkley Trilene mono from our shop here.

Have any questions about putting mono backing on?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Edward Morgan
5 months ago

How about 6lb mono backing on 20lb PP braid?

6 months ago

Im not sure if you know because your website is called saltstrong so i’m guessing you do mainly saltwater fishing. But the question I have is would a 6 lb mono backing be ok? I fish for bass and pike and live up north.

Aaron Ally
9 months ago

what size mono backing would you use if you are spooling a bigger reel for like tarpon or the like? would you use 10lb still?

Douglas Edwards
10 months ago

Great information. What lb test braid and backing would you suggest for 4000 size reel?

Adam Godfrey
10 months ago

Do you need to tie the mono to the braid or just re-tie the braid to the spool after you apply the backing?

Thanks guys!

Ron Harris
10 months ago

As a longtime fly fisherman, backing to me means braided dacron, and I use it under my powerPro braid on my spinning reels. Grips the spool even better than mono and lays nice and flat. And I have it in my box of stuff. Two to four spins on the handle and switch to braid. And deep sea fisherman having ben using it for generations.

Anybody else use dacron?

Pat Ogletree
10 months ago

Great tips! I wish I saw this years ago, would have saved some frustration for sure! This video and the one where you showed how to know how much backing to use by the spool transfer system is a game changer, no more spools of braid with 20 yards still left on it.

Jamie Brinck
10 months ago

Is there a formula or chart for braid size conversions. What I mean is, I have a reel that has a capacity of 150yd of 15# braid. If I reduce that to 10# how can I figure out the capacity so I know how much room I have for backing of a similar diameter mono?
Thanks Tony. You do great work.

Pat Ogletree
10 months ago
Reply to  Jamie Brinck

Tony did a video on determining how much backing to use. I’ve been doing this since then and it works like a champ.


Mark Johnson
10 months ago

Thanks Tony. I was wondering about this topic. I have a couple questions.. What is the minimum number of wraps (or feet) of backing should you use? What mono to braid knot do you recommend? Thanks

George Layton
10 months ago

You are 100% spot on Tony, thanks for sharing !!!


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