How To Tie The Arbor Knot In 5 Simple Steps [VIDEO]


The arbor knot is the best way to tie your line onto your spool.

It’s simple, quick to tie, and lets your line get snug to the arbor (the center of the spool) so that you can start to wind your line onto it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a spinning reel, baitcaster, conventional reel, or fly reel, it works for all of them.

And in this video, I’m going to walk you through the five steps to tie it.

Let’s dive in!

How To Tie The Arbor Knot [VIDEO]

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Step 1: Loop the line around the spool

arbor knot step 1

If you’re using a conventional reel or baitcaster, you’ll have to thread the line through, but if you’re using a spinning reel, you could even just tie the knot (steps 2-4) before looping it around the reel and cinching it down.

Step 2: Loop the tag end around itself and make an overhand knot

arbor knot step 2

Be sure to leave plenty of tag end left, since you’ll need to work with it in step 4.

Step 3: Cinch down the knot, but don’t cinch it down to the spool yet

arbor knot step 3

Step 4: Make an overhand knot with the tag end

arbor knot step 4

Step 5: Cinch down the knot tight around the spool, with the knot from step 4 acting as as stop

arbor knot step 5

And there you have it — an arbor knot snug against the arbor.

You’re now ready to reel line onto your spool with confidence that it’ll stay put.


final arbor knot

The arbor knot is a quick, yet effective knot to attach your line to the center of the spool (the arbor).

While it’s not the strongest knot, it doesn’t need to be because it’s only job is to keep the line snug on the spool without free-spinning around it.

If a fish has you down to the arbor knot, you’ve already lost the battle!

(See this article about how to NEVER get spooled.)

Have any questions about the arbor knot?

Do you have any other ways of tying it?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Larry Fox
3 months ago

Thanks! Very helpful.

Pat Ogletree
3 months ago

I forgot about that knot. Very timely as I’m getting ready to respond a couple of reels. Thanks


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