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“Probably fishing is my first passion.” – Luke Bryan

Note: Have you seen our Smart Fishing Spots App? Talk about a GAME CHANGER.

How To Find Current Fall Redfish Trends [Fishing Report]

What do you have to do to find current fall redfish trends? Is there a recipe to follow or specific lures you need to be using right now?...
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Targeting Fall Striped Bass with Capt. Scotty Sevins

In today's live stream, we are targeting striped bass in the fall with Capt. Scotty Sevins!! Capt. Sevins is known for his ability to...
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How To Catch Fish Right After A Big Rainstorm

It can be a bit of a challenge to catch fish right after a rainstorm. Conditions slightly shift and the fish might have moved to different...
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The Biggest Live Shrimp Under A Popping Cork Mistake

What do you think the biggest live shrimp under a popping cork mistake is??? Are fishermen not rigging their shrimp correctly? Does it...
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From Getting Skunked To Getting Paid To Fish (Story Of Tackle2thePeople)

This is the story of Tackle2thePeople!!! In a year and a half, Michael from Tackle2thePeople has amassed a 200k+ following on YouTube...
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