How To Find Current Fall Redfish Trends [Fishing Report]

What do you have to do to find current fall redfish trends?

Is there a recipe to follow or specific lures you need to be using right now?

On a recent trip, Fishing Coach Richard Thomas and I were out on one of the first crisp fall days and figured we’d try to expose the current redfish trends.

Take a look below!!

How To Find Current Fall Redfish Trends [VIDEO]

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Lures Used On This Trip:

Since we found ourselves fishing on a sub-70-degree day, we figured we’d try and dial in on a fall redfish pattern.

The Wake Bait wasn’t getting much action and a Yo-Zuri Topneck Popper I was using barely attracted any interest either.

Then I tossed on the F.R.E.D. BOMBER and immediately hooked up.

Richard had the Slam Shady BOMBER tied on and was crushing redfish off to my right all morning.

A few hours into the trip, the fish wanted nothing other than the BOMBER profile in either color.

It was the only lure profile to catch fish on this trip.

We saw tons of bigger bait around our kayaks and the fish were more willing to strike larger swimbait lures.

The BOMBER profile is a MUST for targeting fall redfish.

I also kept applying Dr. Juice to my lures every now and then to maintain scent and try to create a slick in the water.

As we were heading back to the ramp, I figured I’d let my line out behind me to troll the BOMBER.

I ended up getting a bite but didn’t realize it until long after.


I can’t remember a day like this.

Cast after cast the redfish could not get enough of the BOMBER lure profile.

Schooling redfish were all over and the ticket to reeling them in was easily the BOMBER.

These fish are definitely keyed into big baits right now because of the bigger bait available out there.

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Luke Simonds
4 months ago

Great video Matt!

Todd FIx
4 months ago

Great info. I’ll give the bombers a try this week 😀. Love watching Matt’s Vids !

Brenty Nunez
4 months ago

I’m trying to pair a shimano Stradic 5000 with a Rod can you help me to find out which is the right Rod for it please


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