NEW Fishing Coach Tackle Bundles Are NOW Available!

Fishing Coach Tackle Bundles are NOW in the Salt Strong shop!

Requests have constantly been coming in to reveal exactly what each fishing coach takes with them on their inshore fishing trips.

So we packaged their preferred lures, hooks, jigheads, and more into bundles so you can hit the water LIKE A PRO!

Keep scrolling to find the bundle for your region!

NEW Fishing Coach Tackle Bundles

Luke’s Lure Bundle [Tampa Bay]

Coach Wyatt’s Lure Bundle [Texas]

Coach Tony’s Lure Bundle [Mid-Atlantic Florida]

Coach Matt’s Lure Bundle [Panhandle/Big Bend, FL]

Coach Richard’s Lure Bundle [Northeast Florida, Georgia, & the Carolinas]

Coach Pat’s Lure Bundle [EVERYWHERE]

Now’s your chance to save BIG on the EXACT tackle used by your favorite coach!

Insider Members save a TON when you buy tackle in bundles (as opposed to buying separately.) 

And now, with coach bundles, you can practically “duplicate the tacklebox” of your favorite coach!

Each of the bundles contains the SAME lures, jigs, and hooks that each of our coaches uses on a daily basis…down to the same sizes & weights.

PLUS, when you buy the bundle, you will be sent a video training from the coach, walking you through each of these lures to maximize your results!

LIMITED SUPPLY: we package all these bundles in advance, so we only make a limited supply of each bundle available for inventory control purposes. 

So get your bundle NOW while you still can!

Do you have any questions for the coaches about their bundles?

Let us know what you think down in the comments!!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about Salt Strong Fishing Coach Tackle Bundles, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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