How To Find Schooling Redfish – FAST!!!


Here’s how to find schooling redfish – and FAST!!!

Fall is starting to kick into gear which means, the redfish are starting to school up.

But, how do you find these schools of redfish?

Check this out!!

How To Find Schooling Redfish [VIDEO]

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On this trip, I really wanted to make a point of using Smart Fishing Spots to locate redfish schools.

Smart Fishing Spots actually helped me find this spot which is just a textbook inflow-outflow zone.

I saw something that looked like a moving grass line in the water so I figured I’d cast at it.

Lo and behold, it was a big school of redfish.

Schooling Redfish Spots

The exact type of spot you want to look for schooling redfish is the type of spot I was fishing on this trip.

Find big flats with sand bars connected to drains filtering out into bigger bay systems.

It is even better if you can get out there when the wind is blowing towards the coast.

Lure Presentations

The smaller lure presentations in the form of paddletails or swimbaits are best when targeting schooling redfish.

Our 3.5-inch Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail is one of the most versatile and useful artificial lures for inshore saltwater fishing.

Easy little meals like the Slam Shady 2.0 is what can trigger an aggressive reaction inside of these fish.

Additionally, you can cast with a bit more accuracy than bigger lures and smaller lures make less splash than big lures.


You can RECREATE this trip all on your own!!!

All I did was apply what I knew about schooling redfish behavior to a spot given the time of year and everything went according to plan.

If you can find similar flats near larger bays connected by drains and creeks, then you’re sure to run into schools of redfish!!

➡Get the Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletail

What indicators do you look for when in search of schooling redfish???

Let me know in the comments!!

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Xavier Muniz
11 months ago

Awesome report, Wyatt. You just sound so darn smart explaining your tactics and proving them literally at the exact same time.

My only question is how/why did you know to choose the 2.0 paddletail presentation vs perhaps going with the Power Prawn USA Jr shrimp profile instead? I noticed it was both clear and shallow water (ideal for shrimp / finesse presentation), although it was a bit windy too though.

Luke Simonds
11 months ago

Great report!

Roger Boyce
11 months ago

There are charts on how many fish one should eat per week due to mercury. Is that also true for inshore fish? Gulf caught fish?

Andrei Snyman
11 months ago

Awesome video! What kind of boat is that?

Harold Wilson
11 months ago
Reply to  Andrei Snyman

Carolina Skiff


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