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Fall is my favorite time of year for fishing and it’s finally here!

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  • The ultimate guide to planning a fishing trip (so you can catch more fish in less time)
  • The best cut bait rig
  • The 3 most common lure mistakes (and how to fix them)
  • The best fall fishing lure for big redfish, trout, snook & flounder
  • How to prevent your hooks from snagging your leader

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Weighted vs. Unweighted Popping Corks: Pros & Cons Of Each Style

Want to know which type of popping cork you should use? It depends on the type of fishing you're doing. If you're using live bait, then...
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The #1 Reason Your Live Bait Is Catching Catfish (And How To Avoid It)

Sick and tired of catching slimy catfish? You aren’t alone… Sadly, most live bait anglers catch more catfish than they do slot and upper slot...
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Strong Anglers Of The Week: Joey & Lance Brannon

Check this awesome story where Insiders Joey & Lance took their friends out on the water and caught loads of fish, including this shark!
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5 Simple Questions To Discover Your Purpose In Life…

If you've ever struggled with defining your purpose in life then you're going to love this episode of Unchurched!
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