Strong Anglers Of The Week: Joey & Lance Brannon


What a trip!

The Strong Angler of the Week honor goes to an Insider who’s out there catching fish, making memories, and sharing fishing with others and this week’s winners, Joey and Lance did an amazing job at that!

These two have been getting better and better at catching inshore fish recently and they decided to take their friends, a dad and his three boys, out on the water with them.

Their friends are from up north and haven’t had much experience saltwater fishing but everyone caught loads of fish and had a blast!

Check out the full story of the trip with Joey and Lance in the video below, plus hear how they’ve been stepping up their fishing game.

Strong Angler Of The Week [VIDEO]

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Awesome job, Joey and Lance!

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Billy Ackerman
2 years ago

Awesome! Sounds like a great day


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