There are two types of people in this world:

Those that are excited about that extra hour of sleep Saturday night and those that are bummed they now have to get up even earlier to catch the morning bite!

Which one are you?

No matter which category you fall into, we’ve got some great fishing tips for you this week, such as:

  • How 1000, 2500, and 3000 spinning reels compare
  • A sneak preview of the new 2021 spinning reels
  • The best spots for catching big fall trout
  • Baitcasting reel mistakes
  • And a Badonk-A-Donk vs. Super Spook Jr. showdown

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Casting Distance Contest: 3000 vs. 1000 Spinning Reel

Do smaller reels help you cast farther? See the surprising results of how a 1000 stacks up against a 3000 in this new experiment.
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Know Your Reel Sizes (Pros & Cons Of 1000 vs 2500 vs 3000 Reels)

There's been a huge wave of people buying up 1000 series reels. But what are the differences between all inshore spinning reel sizes?...
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2021 Saltwater Spinning Reels PREVIEW (New, Updated & Discontinued)

Want to know what new reels are coming in 2021? The manufacturers have been listening to us and next year they're making changes such as...
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The Biggest Baitcasting Reel MISTAKE (When Using Braided Line)

Do you use braided line with your baitcasting reels? Check out this tip to avoid this simple mistake that will cost you lots of bird's...
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Regional Smart Fishing Tactics: Georgia Edition

I’m pleased to report that we have a new edition available to our “Regional Smart Fishing Tactics” Series, in which local experts from the Insider...
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Super Spook Jr. vs. Badonk-A-Donk Topwater Test (Round 1)

Which of these two lures do you think will win? See how these compare in fish catching ability, castability, and skippability in this...
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Top 3 SPOTS To Catch Big Speckled Trout In The Fall

Want to catch big fall trout? The first thing you need to do is find them, and in this video, you'll see the three best spots to do that.
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Should You Use Mono When Spooling Your Spinning Reel With Braid?

Should you use monofilament when spooling your spinning reel with braid? You don't HAVE to (there's one other option), but you don't want...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Oct 30th – Nov 1st]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the...
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Using Charts To Fish Bridges and Causeways [Spot Dissection – Pensacola Bay, FL]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing how to use charts to find areas to fish around bridges and causeways. The area shown as...
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Exploration Trip for Early Fall Speckled Trout [Insider Report]

Want to learn some tips for targeting big speckled trout in highly pressured areas? Then check out this week's Insider Report!
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Lures vs. Live Bait Casting: How To Cast Far WITHOUT Losing Your Bait

Do you know the best way to cast lures and live bait? The techniques are different for these two because with live bait, you have to...
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Why Use Barbless Hooks (And How To Make Your Hooks Barbless)

Considering using barbless hooks? There are several advantages of hooks without a barb, including being safer for you and the fish, and...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [10-29-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:50 – Bleeding Fish 0:03:20 – Slam...
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How To Make Fresh Grouper Sushi At Home (DIY Sushi Tutorial)

Want to learn how to make your own grouper sushi? Check out this step-by-step tutorial and learn how make your own sushi roll like a pro.
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