Top 3 SPOTS To Catch Big Speckled Trout In The Fall


If there’s one thing that gets me excited about fall fishing, it’s this…

Big speckled trout!

Everybody knows you can catch big numbers of speckled trout in the fall, but if you plan out your trip correctly and go to the right spots, you can big numbers of BIG speckled trout, too.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this video.

I’ll show you the top three spots where big trout like to feed in the fall as they’re transitioning from their summer homes near the passes and inlets to their winter homes in the back creeks and canals.

I’ve fished these types of spots and caught tons of trout at them recently, and they work no matter where you live.

Check it out below!

Top 3 Fall Trout Spots [VIDEO]

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Spot #1: Points

In the summer, trout can be found near the inlets and passes.

And in the winter, they can be found in the back creeks and canals.

So my favorite spot to find them in the fall as they transition from their summer homes is near points around the entrances to their winter homes.

That means points before backwater creeks, edges of grass flats outside of back bays, or points outside of residential canals.

Points have lots of current flow around them and bait gets swept by, which makes for an easy meal for big, hungry trout.

Also, points will usually hold several fish, so if you find a point that holds one trout, keep fishing it and look for more.

Spot #2: Wind protected coves & creeks

Wind protected coves and creeks, especially those that are a little deeper than the surrounding areas and have a muddy bottom, will often hold big trout in the fall.

The muddy bottom, deeper water, and protection from wind will all factor into that spot being warmer than the nearby areas, so as the temperature cools down, this will be a great spot to find them.

Spot #3: Areas with depth change

Trout prefer shallower water when it’s warm out, and deeper water when it’s cool out.

And since you can have pretty big temperature swings as those first few cold fronts roll in during the fall, you can usually find big trout in areas where they can hunt in both shallow and deep water without having to travel far.

Two examples of places that have depth changes are edges of grass flats and creek mouths.


topwater mistakes

The most important thing when it comes to catching big trout in the fall is finding them, and here are three spots (no matter where you live) where you can do that:

  • Points
  • Coves and creeks (especially those that have muddy bottom, are a little deeper, and are protected from the wind)
  • Areas of depth change

Have any questions about finding big trout in the fall?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you want more help with finding big trout, knowing how to get them to eat, and discounts on the best gear to catch trout, then join us in the Insider Club!

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Gary Hulsbrink
11 months ago

Great video. We watch as many as we can. Really outstanding job on all your video’s and lessons. Question for you guys. Wife and I been doing great on speckled seatrout, mangrove snappers a few snook and your usual multispecies fishing flats and grass flats off points and backwater inlets. Using live shrimp, Gulp shrimp and especially the 3″ Slim Shady. In moves a cold front 2 days ago. Morning temps in the upper 50’s here in the Venice/Sarasota Florida area. Wind out of the north 15 to 25 mph. Low tide so access to backwater limited for a 21ft Bay Boat. We went point hopping this morning to same spots as before plus others with same features. Lots of weak bites but only boated one very vocal puffer fish. We anchored at every location and fished slow because the major stretches of ICW was running N to S so the gusty north wind was whipping. Water temp dropped 6.5 degrees in just a couple of days. Tried more protective areas but with same results. What could we have tried different?

George Layton
11 months ago

Great tutorial Wyatt, there is something about BIG Trout that drives me crazy, they are just such a special fish to catch & release !!

Mike Fitzgerald
11 months ago

How far south can we find Seatrout? Everglades/Keys area?

Robert Muller
11 months ago

Wyatt another great tutorial. What’s your thoughts on putting together another meet up somewhere in the area in January or February?

Robert Muller
11 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I will take a look and private message or text you!

Tommy Delcambre
11 months ago

That’s good stuff Wyatt. Is it just the seasonal change or water temps you look for during the transition period you discussed?
Was that a top water lure you were using in the video?

David Ulgenalp
11 months ago

Wyatt – this video is spot on! Nice job as usual.

John BuSha
11 months ago

And PS Hi everybody I knew to the group.

John BuSha
11 months ago

My question isn’t quite about catching the fish. But I see everybody wearing sunglasses in the video. Are they that important. What kind should I be looking at I wear prescription lenses.

Nick Caldarelli
11 months ago
Reply to  John BuSha

Smith Optics make some of the best polarized fishing sunglasses on the market and they come with a lifetime warranty. My original pair were standard non Rx polarized lenses. I later learned that I need prescription lenses and inquired about upgrading to Rx lenses. My lenses had some wear due to wiping them off on my shirt while fishing but Smith Optics upgraded me to Rx lenses, and sent me a complete set of glasses with my prescription and covered it under the warranty free of charge. That’s going above and beyond right there. I just received them this week and can’t wait to put them to use on the water.

John BuSha
11 months ago

Thank you

Robert Larson
11 months ago

Another informative video Wyatt. Thanks.

Caden Kaufman
11 months ago

Thanks Wyatt


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