Top 3 Fishing Lures To Catch Big Speckled Trout This Fall


Want to catch fat speckled trout this fall?

These fish are hungry this time of year and in this video, I’m going to share with you my top three favorite lures to catch them.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to choose which lures to use based on the conditions
  • How to rig them for more strikes
  • How to use them after those early cold fronts come in and seem to “turn off” the bite
  • And more

Check out the video below!

Top 3 Fishing Lures For Big Fall Trout [VIDEO]

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You can get these lures from our shop here:

Topwater Lure For Big Fall Trout

I love watching trout blow up on topwater lures and the fall is one of the best times to catch them this way.

Look for schools of baitfish and/or points where wind or current is whipping around to maximize your chances of catching trout on topwater.

My favorite topwater lure is the Super Spook Jr. in bone, but if you’re fishing before the sun comes up or after it goes down and you’re not getting hits on the bone color, you can switch to a darker topwater.

As a rule of thumb, if the conditions are lighter, use a lighter color lure.

And if they’re darker, use a darker color lure.

These lures are best early in the morning or if it’s overcast out, but once the sun comes up, I’ll switch to one of these next two lures.

5″ Jerk Shad For Big Fall Trout

If the water is clear and calm, I’ll go with a 5″ jerk shad, like the Alabama Leprechaun.

This color and profile works well in clean water because it doesn’t cause too much of a commotion to spook the fish, but does dart very well through the water and elicits strikes from big trout.

I like to rig them on a weighted swimbait hook (like the Owner TwistLock hook) with a 1/16 to 1/8 oz weight and a 3/0 to 4/0 size hook.

The weight depends on water depth so if you’re fishing a shallow shoreline or flat, use the 1/16 oz. weight.

If you’re fishing in water that’s 4-5′ deep, go with the 1/8 oz weight.

You can also rig these lures on jig heads if you’re fishing deeper docks or holes, especially after a cold front comes in and the fish go a little deeper

5″ Paddletail For Big Fall Trout

If the water is dirtier, especially at the beginning of the fall, I like to use a 5″ paddletail, like the Slam Shady BOMBER.

Baitfish are at their largest in the fall, so I like to use a larger paddletail here, rather than the 3-4″ paddletail I prefer during the rest of the year.

These lures work great in dirty water because the vibration given off by the tail attracts fish to it.

Also, the Slam Shady color pattern has gold and silver flakes in it that give off an attractive flash that gets fishes’ attention

As far as rigging goes, I use the same rules for the paddletail as I do for the jerk shad in deciding on a jig head or weighted hook.


inshore trout spots

Fall is an awesome time of the year to catch big trout and using a topwater in the morning, then switching to a jerk shad or paddletail (depending on water clarity) as the sun comes up is a great gameplan.

You can get these lures from our shop here:

Have any questions about using these lures to catch fall trout?

What’s your favorite fall trout lure?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Robert Lillard
6 months ago

I have used the Alabama Leprechaun successfully with light weights. It darts erratically. I would like to use it to imitate a shrimp in 8 to 10 feet of water with some current. Under those conditions, and with a 1/4 to 3/8 oz jig head, will it still dart erratically or just move with the motion of the heavy jig head? Also, how do you feel about using this jerk bait vs using the power prawn when trying to imitate a shrimp?

Jeffrey Wendle
3 years ago

When you say find points where wind or current is whipping around, are you fishing in the eddy behind it, or in the current directly?

Mark Riedy
3 years ago

Hi Tony, As always “ thanks” for the great information. I have a question, is it best to pull these baits against the water flow or pull them with the water flow. I fish canals that have pretty good water movement and I’m not real sure which is best.
Mark R
Hudson, Fl

Cody Selph
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark Riedy

It’s always best to work you’re lure or bait with the current. It looks more natural that way. Good luck Mark.

Clinton Reed
3 years ago

Corky Fat Boys for the big girls in Texas.

3 years ago

I noticed you don’t have treble hooks on the top water. Why?

Michael Bandera
3 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

what is a good size/brand to use for replacement on spook jr.
love the lessons with text and video for reinforcement.

Ed Gilbert
3 years ago

Tony thanks for all your tips. I cannot learn enough, so p;ease keep ’em coming.
My favorite top water for trout is the red and white Chug Bug, and I will heed the advice given in your video.

Roger Berry
3 years ago

In creeks off of Chesapeake bay and Great Wicomico River i like to use spook jr in chartreuse head and black body.
Also sea assassin chicken on a chain color on a jig head .
Mirorlure is a good choice also.

Andrew Rollins
3 years ago

The choices were plain to see. Please do a 3 baits for fall trout video. I have not seen very many live bait videos, in recent times, from SaltStrong. Large baits are the best choice for gator trout during the fall months. In my opinion.

Thom Ray
3 years ago

One of the best lessons SaltStrong teaches anglers of all skills is to keep things simple. You can save a lot of money on tackle with these 3 baits.

Mike Connelly
3 years ago

Nice Job Tony and explanation. For trout I like Bombers as well up here in NE Florida especially when fishing around rocks and such. The good ole Spook Jr is one of the best in SO many circumstances and species…

Andrew Rollins
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Connelly

Agreed, Bomber’s Badonk-A-Donk is my favorite artificial lure, for fall gator trout.


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