How To Catch A Fall Inshore Slam (In A Brand New Spot)


If you were in a spot that you’ve never been to, do you think you could catch an inshore slam?

That’s one of my favorite challenges to undertake and in this video, one of our Insiders and I met up to see how we could do.

All we were armed with were two lures apiece, a mental picture of the satellite image, and the recent trends.

Would that be enough for a slam?

See how we did in the video below!

How To Catch A Fall Inshore Slam [VIDEO]

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Here’s the gear I was using:

The evening before this trip, I posted in our Insider Community to see if anyone wanted to join me on a paddleboard exploration trip.

Glen and Chris came out and we all got to get on some nice fish.

Although we were in a spot we’d never been to, we still managed a slam by following the trends.

Here’s what worked:

In calm water, go with split tails.

The Alabama Leprechaun jerk shad was great for calm quiet water because it’s stealthy and doesn’t spook off fish.

In choppy water, go with paddletails.

When the water was a little choppier, a lure that got the fishes’ attention did better.

The Slam Shady BOMBER paddletail gives off just the right amount of vibration to get fish to notice and slam it.


how to quickly catch trout

As you saw in the beginning of the video, all Glen and I came prepared to fish with were two simple rigs.

We knew the trends that had been working recently, so we just followed those and caught a ton of fish.

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Mark A. Foster
10 days ago

Awesome footage! Thanks guys for all your tips! Mark here from South Texas; San Benito, TX. I fish the lower Laguna Madre area in Arroyo City, TX. Great area for trout, reds, and flounder. 🤙

Jeffrey Honeycutt
12 days ago

Next meetup you plan I’m strapping my SUP to the roof of my car and driving 55mph across the state (one end of I-4 to the other!) to join. This looked like so much fun and even though so much is exactly the same as on this coast, so much is also different over there and I’m excited for the new challenges!

Lloyd Phillips
13 days ago

Another Slam, Yeah! You make it look so easy….

Matthew L
13 days ago

I Live in Ponce Inlet and I have been searching the maps for grass flats. Is it true that there are no longer any sea grass flats in this area?

Dale Young
13 days ago

Great video as always. I’m really interested in the Insider Club but I need a little more info on what it offers for onshore fishermen. No boat or kayak (yet) but I live on Long Bayou and have access to several docks here and on the inter-coastal. What king of support do you offer to those of us that are landlocked?

Roderick Tillman
12 days ago
Reply to  Dale Young

Whenever I joined I was skeptical for the same reason but let me tell ya it’s been totally worth it. I’ve become a much better fisherman Iover the summer and continue to get better with every little tip and trick I add to my arsenal of knowledge. Also I’m sure the insiders in your area will be more than helpful and some may even bring you along for a trip with them.

Ryan Jacobs
12 days ago
Reply to  Dale Young

They also have a Mastery Course specifically for wade fishing by Wader Dave!

11 days ago
Reply to  Dale Young

I right down all of the public tips… I am not even an insider and still it helped me catch more fish! If I were you I would join imagine how many fish you would catch

Daniel Steves
13 days ago

Nice work! Wish I could have made it out.


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